Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nyx Photo loving-primer vs.Smashbox photo finish primer

A year ago, I was never really into primers & never thought it was worth it to spend my money on such products. However, with the flaming hot weather in Dubai, i felt the need to invest in a good primer to keep my makeup in place for a long time. To be honest, there are

so many primers in the market & it is really hard to choose one, but once you know what
function do you want a primer to do for you, the process will become much easier. Personally, i wanted a primer that helps with distributing my makeup easily, helps with making my makeup stay longer & also reduce the look of my pores. I bought the travel size of the Smashbox Photo finish primer, which looks like this:

The primer is oil free & it spreads on your face easily, in fact you don't feel that you applied anything at all because the product has a transparent silicony texture. Moreover, the best way to get this primer to do what it is supposed to do is by pressing it using your finger tips on the desired area, then wait for a few minutes before applying your foundation. This primer has helped a lot with keeping my makeup in place & also it photographs when you click pictures. The only problem is that it is relatively expensive, and the travel size (which was very small by the way) costed me around AED 60. 

After running out of the smashbox primer , i have decided to try another one which is somehow very similar to it, and it is the Nyx Photo loving-primer & it looks like this:

As you can see, the packaging looks very similar to the smashbox primer & i have to admit that the consistency is exactly the same. However, the full size of this one sells at the same price of the travel size of the smash primer (AED60)! Therefore, i would most probably re-purchase the Nyx primer because of the price.

Note: you can purchase both of these primers from

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