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Review: Hair Botox Experience in collaboration with Vaniday..

If there is anything I have been dreading lately it has to be the current condition of my Hair! I have been suffering from hair loss and frizzing from quite sometime, not sure if it's the weather in Dubai or simply my hair aging! Over a month ago, I have come across a post on Instagram talking about a new App called Vaniday and my curiosity to try it out immediately went 10 levels up!

Recently, I have been contacted by the Vaniday team to try out the App and they were generous enough to provide me with a discount voucher of AED 150 to use at any salon listed on their platform. This blog post is going to be a little lengthy as I will share with you my experience with "Hair Botox" as well, which is the service I booked through the App.

What is Vandiday?
It is basically a platform that allows you to browse health and beauty providers across your city such as : Hairdressers, Nail salons, Spas and wellness centres for both males and females. Also, on the application you can compare services/prices, book appointments and even pay online! The application is available for iPhone and Android users and it is totally free of cost, for non-smart phone users, you can still visit their website online and start exploring!

How to use the App?
First of all, you will need to download the application on your smart phone and login using Facebook or simply create a new account. Then, you can start browsing the variety of services by category (hair,nails,massage etc..) as well as locating the nearest salons to your current location. (This can be modified in case you wanted to check service providers in other locations too). Once you click on any service on the salon's menu, a small pop up window will appear which demonstrates the duration of the service and sometimes the name of the person who will assist you at the salon. When you book the service you will be diverted to a page in which you can choose the date & time of your appointment and finally provide your credit card for online payment. If the slot date and time is already occupied, an agent from either Vaniday or the salon will call you back to re-schedule the appointment.

Overview of the App:
The application was extremely user friendly and my appointments has never been smoother. it enables you to find out about the latest offers in certain salons through the app and you will get a promo code for the first time you book through Vaniday! Another useful feature that I love about Vaniday is that the money will not be deducted from your credit card unless your appointment is confirmed by the service provider and you can always cancel or re-schedule the service 12 hours before your booking through you profile tab on the application. All the appointments will be listed under the appointments tab on the application and you will be reminded prior to the booking. Thus, if you are always on the go and can't be bothered by searching the internet for beauty parlours, then you will find Vaniday extremely convenient as booking your appointment is just a click away from you!

Hair Botox treatment:
For those of you who haven't heard of this treatment I know you probably think it's all about injecting botox in your hair/scalp! I used to be exactly the same but it's not as scary as you think as the whole process does not involve any needles *phew!*. The treatment is very similar to Keratin but the only difference is it doesn't contain Formaldehyde which can be harmful for the hair. Alternatively, Botox  is supposed to repair damaged hair fibers with natural ingredients such as: caviar oil, vitamin B5 , E and collagen complex which are all supposed to nourish, de-frizz and strengthen the hair.

My Personal experience with hair Botox:
I have chosen "Majesty Beauty Centre" to perform the treatment on my hair. The staff were extremely friendly and hospitable which made me feel like I'm in good hands! I was informed before booking my appointment that the process was going to take between 3-4 hours, but that did not stop me from doing anyway! Basically, the first step is washing your hair because the botox has to be applied on clean hair and scalp. Then, the botox is applied on each section of the hair until it is completely soaked with the product and it has to be left on the hair between 30-45 mins. I have to admit that my scalp felt a little itchy while the product was on my hair but it's totally negligible. After that, they wash the botox from the hair and it has to be properly dried using a blow dryer first then a hair straightener. By the time your hair will be extremely straight, soft and flat that you won't be able to stop fiddling with it! Just like Keratin treatment, you can't wash your hair for 3 days after the treatment and I have to warn you that you might hate your hair in this period, as it will be extremely flat and a little sticky sometimes! However, after washing my hair I was extremely blown away with the result! My hair dried out completely straight without having to use a blow dryer or a hair straightener which never happened in normal days. (My natural hair is wavy and scrunchy on the crown area) My hairdresser mentioned that treatment is not meant for hair straightening but it totally did that to my hair & I'm really happy about it. She also said that it could last up to 8-10 months under the condition that you use a certain shampoo and conditioner which you buy from the hair salon. On the other hand, you cannot go to the beach, pool or use any product that contains salt as that will deactivate the Botox. If you really feel like swimming you will have to apply lots oil on your hair to bounce off the chlorine/salt from the pool/beach but again it's a risky thing to do.

Overall opinion of hair Botox:
I'm so amazed by the benefits of hair Botox as my hair was in a miserable condition lately. I would recommend it to anyone with damaged, frizzy, unruly hair or simply if you can't be bothered to style your hair every time you wash it. (like myself!) The only downside about this treatment is the priciness, as it will cost you a decent amount of money regardless of the lengths of your hair. However, for the results that I noticed on my hair I'm definitely willing to splurge on hair Botox again in the future!

Note: My hair lengths is Mid-back lengths, the treatment costed me AED 650 after the AED150 discount voucher. The shampoos costed another AED 300 so in total I paid AED 950. The treatment price will depend on the lengths of your hair but it's still pricey anyways!

Check out the Vaniday website here & start discovering Salons & Spas!

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