Sunday, February 14, 2016

Review: Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

If there is anything that is always on my mind besides makeup, then it has to be food! Speaking frankly, my eating habits situation can be summarized in one word ; grim  as I have kicked exercising and healthy food to the curb for quite sometime now and that needs to be changed asap! Moving forward, let's talk about last week's crime at Clinton St. Baking company and restaurant!

I have been drooling over the pictures on Instagram for gigantic pancakes and delicious food from this place , I had it on the back of my mind on the list of "Must Visit" restaurants but it did not happen till last weekend. I'm probably the most rubbish person in snapping lots of pictures when I visit any restaurant, so I hope you'll excuse not taking pictures of the interiors! Anyways, the restaurant is located in business bay area, google maps is your best friend if you are not good with roads, it has an outdoors seating area as well as a cosy indoors place which I chose to sit in. We were the only people at the restaurant at that time, even though it was a Thursday evening, but a couple of tables were occupied after 8-ish.

Looking at menu, they had many breakfast options that you could have for breakfast or dinner as well which is a plus point, such as: benedicts, savoury cakes and waffles. However, all I was eyeing at the menu is the blueberry pancake with butter maple sauce, that along with some coffee. My friend went for a banana chocolate muffin along with black coffee.  To be honest, the main thing that was bothering me was the price of the pancake which was at the price of a main course meal but the coffees and muffin was reasonably priced (prices will be listed at the end of this post). We decided to go ahead with our choices from the menu anyways, hoping that It would all be worth the money.

The presentation of the food was quite simple, no major decoration was done on neither the pancake nor the muffin which is okay.. I guess. On the other hand, the taste of the food did not meet my expectations at all, we felt the taste of the yeast and eggs in the dough which was not very pleasant. Also, the butter maple sauce that came with the pancakes was almost tasteless and I couldn't savour neither the butter nor the maple in that! My friend indicated that the combination of banana and chocolate was not at all tasty and  had the same opinion about the dough as well.

Service wise, the staff were very welcoming when we entered the restaurant but for some reason the sugar was not served with the coffee nor did any of them notice that it was missing on the table. In addition to that, none of the attendants asked if we enjoyed our food or if we have any comments about it, otherwise we would have informed them about all the above feedback!

Overall opinion:
Based on my entire experience with this restaurant I do not think that their food was worth all the hype on social media and  would give them  5/10 for food and service. As crazy as it might sound, I might visit the restaurant again one day to try out their burgers or any of the main course meal just to know if they are any better than the sweet stuff.

Price of food ordered:
Blueberry Pancake with Maple butter sauce : AED 58
Banana Chocolate Muffin: AED 20
Cappuccino : AED 18
Black Coffee : AED 20

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