Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review: Avene Skincare Products

My memories with Avene as a brand started long time back when my mom used to buy their sun protection creams religiously. Earlier this month, I was invited to a bloggers event to discover the content of March's Glambox which happened to be sponsored by Avene. Today, I'm going to talk you through my experience with the products received and whether I would repurchase them again.

Before the review, I have to say hats off to the Avene team I met at the event as they were one of the friendliest brand representatives ever and extremely knowledgable/informative. I'm quite impressed with the extensive research/studies this brand has done ; they are now incorporating thermal water in all their products instead of normal water which provides long lasting hydration and help maintain skin balance, luminosity and smoothness.  Also, all their products are Paraben free and non hypoallergenic so they are suitable for all skin types including the very sensitive ones.

-Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+ (50ml):
I used to dread sun protection products because they are often too heavy on the skin, but I was thrilled to try out this emulsion as it's supposed to be better in formula.  The emulsion glided very easily on my skin leaving it smooth and glowy, it was not at all sticky/heavy and served as a good base before makeup. Lets not forget that it comes with a pump (whoop whoop!) and contains a high sun protection of 50+ which we all need during spring/summer, especially if you live in a very hot country like UAE.

-Very High Protection Tinted SPF 50+ Cream (Sample Size):
I have always preferred BB/CC/DD creams over other tinted products mainly because of the wider shade range. So, I was a little intimidated by this tinted cream as it looked too pink and dark for my skin tone. I gave it a go and you know what? in fact it is not that bad after all! once the product was spread all over the skin the colour seemed to adapt to my skin tone and even it out. I have to admit it was a tad richer in texture (since it's a cream not emulsion) and I had to powder my T-zone to avoid looking extremely shiny. Also, I'm not sure if this cream comes in multiple shades or it's a universal one, couldn't find out that piece of info from the packaging. However, I predict that many people with different skin colours can still use it for No-Makeup makeup days. 

- Clearance Gel Soapless Cleanser (200ml):
This is not the first cleanser I have used from Avene as I have tried another on in the past and absolutely loved it. The gel soapless cleanser is targeted towards younger skin in which the skin is more prone to acne/blemishes but it is also suitable for normal to combination skin. It worked nicely as a morning/evening cleanser but it left my face feeling a little stripped and dry since I have dehydrated cheeks. Considering that it doesn't contain soap it still smelled like one & the scent was quite over powering. Also, it didn't remove all my makeup so I suggest using it as a second cleanser after a more potent makeup remover.

- Thermal Spring Water Spray (50ml):
I have always been sceptical about facial sprays in general until I started using one from a Korean brand but it was hard to get it shipped to the UAE, Luckily I got to try this spray by Avene and immediately fell in love with it. Personally, I use it for myriad of purposes such as hydrating and refreshing the skin, calming/soothing irritations, prepping the skin for makeup and even setting it. I like the way it sprays the product in a very fine way, unlike other facial mists that spray in weird directions and you end up wasting half of it.  Also, it comes in different sizes so you can easily throw the smallest size in your handbag to use on the go during hot summer days. (Ps: it does not disrupt your makeup)

Overall opinion:
I think Avene is one of the best French pharmacy brands in the market and it is easily accessible in the UAE.  I'm not sure about the exact prices of the above mentioned products but I know they are quite affordable. I would repurchase the sun protection emulsion and the thermal spring water as they were my favourite among the other products. On the other hand, the gel cleanser would be perfect for oily skin types as it would help balance the oils on the skin, and the tinted cream would work on more dehydrated skin type for it's hydrating properties. (My skin is combination/sensitive

Note: All Avene products are available at well-know pharmacies across UAE. Also, don't forget to head over to to subscribe to their brilliant monthly boxes :)

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