Saturday, April 23, 2016

Review: Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Concealer

I've always been keen on having a flawless under eye area and for that reason I'm extremely picky about the concealers I choose. That being said, I went on a retail therapy trip to Sephora recently and ended up with a couple of products that I utterly didn't need, but I call that buying for a good cause which is 'Blogging'! One of these purchases was the Kat Von D "lock it tattoo concealer" which I'll be reviewing for you today.

it comes in a small squeeze tube with a nozzle at the end which helps you control the amount of product dispensed. It's not my favourite type of packaging as the last bits of product always goes to waste or you simply have to cut the tube to scoop it out. However, I like the fact that it's transparent so you can monitor how much is left inside and small enough for travel. 

The concealer is supposed to provide full coverage with water resistance properties that will last you all day long. It is totally oil and paraben free which is always a plus for people with sensitive skin types. There are nine shades in total but the one I went for was "Medium 26" which i'm still in doubt about. I tested the shades "Medium 22" and "Medium 24" in store but one of them looked extremely light and the other one was just too pink! The formula of this concealer is thicker than anything I have ever owned and that made it a little challenging to blend out. When blended with a fluffy brush I found that it leaves behind some streaks and didn't look very attractive. Also, using your fingers or a sponge consumed a lot of time since the product is really thick and the results were not perfect. Thus, the best way to apply it was using a flat synthetic brush which provided maximum coverage and applied the concealer seamlessly. It settles well on the skin but I suggest using a powder afterwards as it looks a little shiny. The colour mis-match issue seemed to disappear when I blended the concealer well with my foundation, but if you are using it on blemishes or discolouration I recommend choosing a shade that matches your skin tone. Otherwise, the product stayed in place the entire day without fading or moving around.

Overall opinion:
I kind of have a love-hate relationship with this concealer at the moment as my preferred type of concealers would be airy, blend able and high in coverage. Also, lets not forget that their shade range is trickier than most brands. It is definitely not an "Au Natural" concealer and you will probably feel it on the skin. So, i wouldn't recommend this product if you are a minimalist or don't like it when base products feel like a mask on your face. On the other hand, this concealer is insanely pigmented and will stay put all day long. So, if you suffer from problematic skin, live in a hot country or if you prefer high coverage concealers in general then I suggest giving this one a try.

Note: Priced at AED 110 in all Sephora stores across UAE.

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