Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Current Favourite Liquid Eyeliners

While famous beauty gurus are still talking about spring makeup trends, we "Dubaians" are complaining that summer has arrived early! I went to grab some coffee today, ran a few errand and I'm so glad I wasn't wearing any makeup off or my face would have looked like a modern art portrait! Since, I can't go out barefaced every day, especially without eyeliner, I had to substitute kohl and gel liners with liquid ones as they seem to last longer. Today, I'm going to share with you three of my current favourite liquid liners that you can rock this summer! 

Before I start my review, I would like to point out what I usually look for in a liquid liner:

1-  It has to be jet black. (some liners turn into an ashy grey colour after drying, so it's really important to swatch it in store and monitor the colour afterwards) 

2- I prefer felt tip liners that are extremely pointy and slightly flexible. (Some felt tips are very stiff that it hurts your eyelids and does not bend, these ones make it difficult to draw a precise liner or adapt to the shape of your eyes)

3- It has to be pigmented and draw an opaque line from the first stroke. (It shouldn't look patchy and force you to go over the line several times)

Now, let's move on to the good stuff...

- Makeup Forever Graphic Liner - Bright Black (AED 110  from Sephora):
It's been a couple of months since I bought this liner and it's still going strong. I fell in love with it because it's matte carbon black and makes it extremely easy to draw precise strokes and winged liner. Also, it's supposed to last up to 12 hours, not sure if I ever wore my makeup that long, but it definitely stays put all day. The felt tip of this liner is less flexible than the other two liners i'm going to mention next but it's still as good. 

- Kardashian Beauty Deeply felt eyeliner (11.95 pounds from also available at lifestyle stores):
I was a little skeptical if this brand is actually any good, but this liner totally blew me away. It's been with me for more than a year now and still hasn't dried or even went patchy. The colour is again very black but it has a slightly glossy finish. The formula is unlike any other liner I have ever used: it's extremely liquidy so it glides on the eyes like a dream and stays on for a very long time without fading or feathering. 

- L'oreal extra gloss liner (AED 79 from lifestyle stores):
This liner is the drugstore option among the others but the quality is very similar if not the same. The formula is a very opaque black, glides on easily and lasts for a very long time. Even though the name suggests that it has a very glossy finish - in reality it's somewhere between glossy and matte. The packaging is also different than the other two options as it doesn't come in a pen form. The brush is attached to the lid while the actual product is in the other part (the tube). However, that does not really affect the application process as it applies on the eyelids beautifully. 

from top to bottom : 1- MUFE Liner 2-Kardashian beauty liner 3- L'oreal liner
** I hope you liked my review of these three liquid liners, please feel free to suggest other brands of liquid liners in the comment box below :)

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