Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: Derma E Purifying Range

I've been struggling to review the huge pile of skincare products that I own at the moment, as I only have one face people!I tried engaging family members into reviewing products as well, but of course it's never the same when you try them yourself  as you get to convey the entire experience better. Recently, I was invited to attend an event by "Derma E" to learn more about their purifying range. After reaching home i have decided that other products can definitely wait and immediately started trying out the Derma E goodies! 

Let's start with a brief introduction of the purifying range and then move on to my experience with the actual products. The main ingredient in the range is the activated charcoal which is known for absorbing 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities. While many people might feel hesitant to apply charcoal products on their faces, it's actually proven to be a natural detoxifying and purifying substance for the skin. The Derma E purifying range is suitable for all skin types (including very sensitive) and especially designed for congested pores to eliminate any micro pollutants, sweat or bacteria. Aside from charcoal, the products contain other potent ingredients like green tea and marine algae extract which all works as antioxidants and help replenish vital nutrients and restore skin resistance against environmental stress.  Lets not forget that all their products are fragrance free, meaning that the only thing you can smell is the minimal natural ingredients, no artificial scents added.

The Purifying range has six products in total : 
- Purifying 2 in 1 charcoal mask.
- Purifying daily detox facial scrub.
- Purifying gel cleaner.
- Purifying oil free moisturiser (SPF 30).
- Purifying youth serum.
- Purifying toner mist.

I own only two of the above mentioned products along with a sunscreen from a different range which I'm going to review today :)

1- Purifying 2 in 1 charcoal mask 48g (AED 140):
This mask is designed to highly penetrate pores to eliminate deeply rooted toxins and exfoliate the surface of the skin removing any impurities. The first thing I have noticed is the grey colour of the mask which really indicates that it contains charcoal! The formula is not very thick as it glides on the face easily , at the same time it's not runny that it will start dripping off your face. Also, it contains micro exfoliating beads which explains the name (2 in 1) as it cleans and exfoliates. It felt quite cooling which helps sooth and prep the skin for the full action of the mask. The mask is supposed to be removed after five minutes or when it's completely dry, I usually wait for it to dry. Hence, you need to work fast when applying it on your skin , otherwise it will start drying on some areas. After the mask has dried out,  you're supposed to dampen your fingertips and massage your skin to activate the exfoliating beads in the mask then rinse it off or remove using a damp face cloth. it's recommended to be used 1-2 times a week depending on your skin condition. I'm highly impressed by the positive effects of this mask! First of all, my skin has never felt cleaner and softer before which really indicates that it helped clean and exfoliate my skin. Also, I have received compliments from several people on the days I use this mask that my skin looks extremely glowy and youthful. My mother have asked to try it as well and she's extremely in love with it, we are already planning our next repurchase of this mask!

2- Antioxidant natural sunscreen SPF30 56g (AED 99) :
I was quite surprised to receive this sunscreen from a different range and was hoping to receive the oil free moisturiser from the purifying range, which i have tested during the event. The oil free moisturiser from the purifying range was also grey in colour but obviously that doesn't last when you blend it out. Also, it does feel extremely light weight on the skin and supposed to replenish nutrients as well as protect the skin against environmental pollutants. As for the sunscreen that I received, It felt more sticky on the skin, left a tiny bit of white residue and it wasn't that easy to blend into the skin. On the other hand, it does contain a reasonable amount of SPF to protect your skin agains UVA and UVB light. Hence, if your skin is on the dry side try applying a serum/essence before his product to help it glide better on the face. 

3- Purifying daily detox scrub 113g (AED 110):
If you have been following my blog for while, you would know I'm not a big fan of facial scrubs since I have sensitive skin. However, knowing that this product is safe enough to be used on daily basis even for sensitive skin got provoked my curiosity to give it a try. Again, It's supposed to exfoliate the skin removing impurities/dirt as well as improving the healthy circulation and oxygenation of the face. This scrub was indeed quite gentle on the skin and left my skin feeling silky smooth and refreshed. Also, the theme of glowy skin continued after using this scrub as my face looked extremely radiant afterwards. On the other hand, I still am not brave enough to use it on daily basis so I use it only once every week along with the charcoal mask. 

Overall opinion:
I'm totally in love with the purifying range from Derma E as it helped transform my skin in such a short time. I recommend trying this range if you suffer from congested/tired skin that lacks life and glow. Also, if your skin is normal and you need that extra oomph before special occasions I highly recommend trying out the charcoal mask which gives an instant radiance to the skin. Price-wise, the range is definitely not drugstore nor luxury, I would rate it as somewhere in between. However, It's totally worth the money for the fast results I have noticed and easily available in Dubai. 

Note: These products along with all the Derma E ranges can be found at 

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