Thursday, June 9, 2016

Brand Review: Organic Harvest Skincare

So, another skincare brand on board to tell you about and no, I'm not obsessed with changing my skincare routine every month! The truth is; I was invited to the launch of "Organic Harvest" products in the UAE over a month ago, which is manufactured and well known in India and they were kind enough to hand me a few items to try out and I'll be reviewing them for you today.

Founder of the brand decided to get into the skincare industry after discovering the amount of harmful chemicals hiding in many of the cosmetics sold in stores nowadays. He believes that chemicals are only for laundry and not for the skin. (funny but true!) Thus, he dedicated many years of his life travelling the world, interacting with people from different cultures and discovering the immensely high demand for organic/natural beauty products. Today, the brand is quite famous in India but striving to expand in other countries over the next few years. 

The brand offers a wide range of products from skincare, body care, hair care, lip care to essential oils. I'm going to review three skincare items as well as one haircare product. 

1- 3 in 1 Face wash (100ml):
The cleanser comes in a plastic squeeze tube which is a quite common packing for face cleansers. The main natural ingredient in this face wash is Ribose which is obtained from corn seeds. It's supposed to restore energy to the skin for global anti-aging action. It contains irregular shaped granules which are soft enough to prevent scratching the skin and provide a whitening effect. My first impression about this cleanser is it did't feel abrasive on the skin, it made my skin feel really smooth and it smelled pleasant. Even though it's supposed to be gentle for all skin types, I still cannot see myself using it on daily basis due to the sensitivity of my skin. However, people with normal skin types can use this cleanser every day without any issues. On the other hand, looking at other cleansers from he same brand I have noticed a few that has a more creamy formula, without granules, these are more appropriate for sensitive skin. 

2- Sunscreen SPF 60 - Triple action formula/waterproof (50g):
This sunscreen comes in a small glass bottle with a pump which is always more hygienic and travel friendly. It has a sweat resistant formula that creates a shield on the skin to protect it against UVA and UVB rays. Obviously, having an SPF of 60 is considered high sun protection but I read previously that one should not go for more than 30-40. The formula felt extremely lightweight, non- sticky, did not leave behind white residue/streaks and my skin absorbed it nicely. My only issue with this product is the overpowering scent, my nose is very sensitive to scents and this did not float my boat. 

3- Daily Day Cream SPF 30 - Anti pollution (50 g):
This comes in a small glass pot which is less hygienic than the sunscreen but still convenient for travelling. It contains sea salt as the main ingredient which works as a skin purifier. Also, it contains an SPF of 30 which is more reasonable and many people would prefer that. Again, the formula was extremely light weight ,glided on my face easily without any streaks but this felt more sticky than the sunscreen. Many people might find stickiness as an issue but that can actually help your makeup to stay put all day. The scent of this cream is way muted, better and not at all over powering comparing to the sunscreen. Let's not forget that it left my skin hydrated for many hours after application, unlike sunscreens that seem to disappear after a couple of hours. 

4- Daily Shampoo - With certified organic ingredients (100ml):
This shampoo comes in a plastic bottle with a pump to dispense the product. It contains an extra mild formula with no animal source and all organic ingredients. Also, it's supposed to help repair damage, add body/texture to fine hair and purify the scalp. As a person who had hair Botox done before and cannot use any shampoo with sulphates/chemicals this sounded very appealing to me. The formula of the shampoo foamed nicely (I know it's not an indication of quality), it refreshed my scalp and nourished my hair at the same time. Unlike most of the natural shampoos I have tried before this actually felt purifying and cleansed my scalp/hair. Also, it have a nice smell that isn't strong or offensive for my nose. 

Overall opinion:
The brand is definitely something to look up to with its promise of offering nothing but natural/organic ingredients. My favourite two products out of the ones I tried were the "Daily Day cream" and "Daily shampoo" as they seemed to tick all the boxes for me. That being said, I'm not indicating that the other two were not up to the standards, I'm sure many people would find them effective, they just did not suit my skin/personal taste. I'm not sure about the price of these products as there was no price-list included in the press release. However, from what I understood at the launch events, the products are going to be extremely affordable and most importantly accessible. Organic harvest products will be sold at all well-known pharmacies and hypermarkets across the UAE.

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