Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Product review: Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo

Hello my lovelies! I know it's been a while I haven't posted any reviews on the blog , probably since the beginning of Ramadan,  now I'm kind of used to fasting and feeling more inspired to write! I'm aware that many of you are fasting too and possibly not in the mood to read so much so I will try to cut my review short and keep it informative at the same time. Today's post is about a shampoo that I have started using recently from a brand called "Macadamia" and it's their rejuvenating shampoo. 

Over a month ago, I was running low on my hair Botox Shampoo but I wasn't intending to spend another AED200 to restock the same product, even though it's a good one, It was simply too expensive. Thus, I visited Nazih cosmetics shop to look for a more affordable dupe for the hair Botox Shampoo. It's just my favourite place to shop for hair products/tools as their prices are much cheaper than stores and they have a wide range of brands that even salon Pros buy from them.  The sales person advised me to try the Macadamia Rejuvinating Shampoo because it's sulphate/paraben free and wouldn't affect my hair treatment. 

 Their packaging is very adorable as it comes in this uniquely shaped green and brown bottle. It contains 300ml of product which is quite reasonable for the price. (will be mention at the end of the post) I would't say that most shampoos are convenient for traveling due to the size, but obviously you can depot it into smaller travel bottles. 

The shampoo is supposed to be excellent for damaged, dry and chemically treated hair. As I mentioned before, the product is free of harmful chemicals so it's very gentle on all hair types. After more research about Macadamia as an ingredient, I discovered that the oil of this plant contains Omega 7 which mimics the natural oils of the scalp and provides nourishment/moisturization without feeling greasy or causing any build-up. Also, it's supposed to improve the strengths of the hair, give it shine and reduce frizzing/fly-aways. My first thought about this shampoo was "It smells bomb!", it has this delicious fruity scent unlike most natural shampoos. It felt extremely lightweight, smoothing, refreshing and purifying on my scalp and hair. I purposely used the shampoo on its own (No conditioner was used afterwards) to monitor the result after my hair has air-dried. My hair felt very smooth and soft after drying and it was easy to style using flat iron. However, it didn't prevent
fly-aways or baby hairs from popping out which was quite disappointing. I think pairing this shampoo with a conditioner is a wiser decision as it's going to maximise the amount of moisture your hair is receiving and obviously decrease frizzing/fly-aways. 

Overall opinion:
I quite like this shampoo as it's good value for money. I would recommend this product for anyone with chemically treated hair (Botox,Keratin, Bleaching etc..) or if you are simply looking for an all natural shampoo that actually works. However, I still suggest buying a good conditioner beside this shampoo for best results If you have very dry hair. I would totally repurchase this product in the future and might as well discover other items from the same brand. 

Note: Priced at AED 95 in Nazih cosmetic shops. (They have special discounts for Emirates NBD credit card holders!)

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