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Review: Foreo Products + Tweexy

Electronic facial cleansing devices has been out in the market for quite a while now. Being a person with sensitive skin, I was intimidated to go on the bandwagon of this trend and I chose to stick to my trusty boring normal skincare routine which worked just fine for me. Before Ramadan, I was invited to a media event for a brand called "Foreo"; they specialise in an array of skincare products, not to mention a bunch of other exciting tools which I will talk you through in this blog post.

Let's start with a brief about the brand itself. It origins from Sweden, it all started in 2013 when they launched their unique silicon facial cleansing device (Luna/Luna mini) which is now an award winning product and one of their best-sellers. The idea behind Luna devices is setting a new benchmark for the normal electronic cleansing devices, this one combines both functionality, portability and good aesthetics. 

Luna Mini 2 - Sunflower yellow:
As you can see from the title, I have received the device in a sunflower yellow colour which seems to be suitable for all skin types. I have raised the colour question during the event to find out if the various colours represented skin types but the only thing I learned was pink is made for normal skin and the black one is for men. The product comes in a solid plastic box which contains the device (obviously), a USB cable to recharge the device and a user manual. The device needs to be charged for an hour before using and the charge can last you up to 5 months (say what?!) 
Anyways, the device has two sides; one with soft bristles and another one with harder bristles. I have also received a day and night cleanser that can be used with the Luna mini but you are under no obligation to use these cleansers with your device and any brand will do. To switch on the device all you have to do is press the middle part and repeat the same to switch it off. It has different vibration levels to massage the skin which can be controlled using the plus and minus signs on the device itself.  Moreover, being made of silicon helps the device to dry almost immediately , the bristles will never wear out and you don't need to replace the brush every few months unlike other devices. The size of the Luna Mini is very handy for travelling but there is even a smaller one (Luna go) if you have very limited space in your travel bag. The device comes with a two years warranty but in reality it can last you up to 10 years. 

Foreo Day Cleanser (100ml):
It's a milky day time cleanser with fruit extracts to help awaken, purify and protect the skin. It comes in a white sleek long bottle, almost transparent to show you the amount of product inside and let's not forget the pump (always a plus point). The product itself is orange in colour and it smells like divine peaches and cream! It cleanses the skin perfectly, leaving nothing but nourishment and softness on your skin and combines with the Luna device my skin feels so refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

Foreo Night Cleanser (100ml):
It's more of a gel cleanser to deep cleanse, remove impurities/makeup and pollutants on the skin. Again, this smells as good as the day cleanser but the product itself is purple in colour. Also, this one contains small beads that looks like the ones in face scrubs but they are not abrasive and they seem to dissolve when you apply the cleanser on the skin. 

Experience with device and cleansers:
I have followed the instructions mentioned in the user manual to avoid any unwanted results. The device is supposed to be used twice a day (day and night) and the whole cleansing routine should not exceed one minute for the entire face. It says to dampen the face, apply some amount of cleanser and then start massaging each section of the face in upward motions. They have specified the amount of seconds you're supposed to spend on each section (e.g.: cheeks 30 secs, nose 15 secs). However, the vibration will flicker after that duration to indicate that you should move to another part of the face and to avoid over-use. (Nifty!) The silicon bristles felt really soft on the skin, it didn't cause any irritation or breakouts but at the same time I felt like it exfoliated any dead cells that might have been sitting on top on my skin. Also, I did feel like it improved blood circulation in my face and the upward massaging helped firming my skin. So, after implementing all these steps I simply rinsed my face with luke warm water and it looked squeaky clean and incredibly soft! On the other hand, I don't like over exfoliating my sensitive skin so I like to use it every other day instead of daily. 

For some reason I thought this tool was under the same brand as Foreo because I received it in my gift bag as well. It's a totally different brand and it's simply a nail polish holder that you wear around your finger like a ring and don't have to worry about accidentally hitting the nail polish bottle or dropping it. This tool is also made of silicon which makes it extremely comfortable to wear around your fingers. Also, if you're a person who spends most of their time outside the house or a regular public transport user, this could be one of your handbag staples along with your favourite nail polish. It might sound gimmicky but it's actually very convenient and quite durable. 

Other interesting products:
The brand offers other exciting tools for the skin and oral hygiene that might interest you. I like the Iris eye massager which is supposed to visibly reduce the signs of crow's feet, dark circles, under eye bags and maximise the effect of your favourite eye cream or serum. Also, they have a wide range of electronic silicon tooth brushes in different sizes and colours are not just like the regular one; they  help clean your gum, tongue and even whiten your teeth. These are products that I'll definitely consider trying in the future.

Overall opinion:
I have to say that I'm really impressed with all the products mentioned in this blog post. The Luna mini has definitely become an integral part of my skincare routine and I cannot imagine my life without it.  I feel that even my skin is thanking me for relying on this brilliant tool which is 10 times better than just cleansing my face the regular way. Also, the cleansers were really potent and they complimented the device nicely. The device is not the most affordable but it's definitely a smart investment that will change your skin and improve it's condition on the long run. Obviously, I highly recommend investing in Luna mini for a more efficient cleansing process. As for the Tweexy, it's obviously a unique tool that changed my nail polish game so if you're a person who keeps changing their nail polish often then you might want to give it a try. 

Note: Luna Mini 2 is priced at AED 650 / day and night cleanser are priced at AED 210 and you can find them at the Foreo website. The Tweexy is priced at $14.95 on

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