Monday, June 20, 2016

Review: Morphe Brushes

If there is any beauty product that I haven't purchased since ages then it has to be makeup brushes. My brush collection ranges from affordable to middle range brands, I wanted to invest in Japanese ones but they are way too expensive and they require some serious financial planning! Morphe brushes were always on the top of my mind but I heard mixed reviews about their collection which made me even more confused. However, when Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star and Nikkietutorials constantly complimented their products - I knew i couldn't go wrong with their brushes! 

I've always been a daredevil when it comes to trying new things, but since I'm not working at the moment it has become more convenient to do some research before buying anything. To be honest, I didn't go for the ready made sets on their website as I always end up with a bunch of brushes that are of no use to me. Instead, I have watched videos and read articles by the famous makeup artists mentioned earlier on their favourite individual brushes from Morphe. Then, I simply bought the ones that are missing in my collection or can potentially make my makeup life easier. 

1- MB6 - Flat Buffer ($7.99):
As the name suggests, it's a flat dense brush that can be used to buff various products into the skin. The bristles are so soft as they are made of synthetic hair, this is perfect because buffing requires applying some pressure to the face and doing that with rough bristles can definitely be uncomfortable! It can be used to apply liquid or powder foundations seamlessly for an air-brushed finished. Also, I like to bronze up my forehead, cheeks and jaw line using this brush as it blends products like a dream leaving no lines or streaks. So, highly recommended if you're looking for a quick application and perfect finish foundation brush.

2- M106 - Unique Pointed Dome ($4.99):
This dense dome shaped brush is designed for controlled application of makeup products. I have to admit that it's not as soft as the buffer brush, probably because it's from a different collection, but it does pack on products nicely. I like to use it for applying brush on the apples of my cheeks, very soft contouring (rarely) and setting my T-zone with powder. I used it with one of my poorly pigmented blushes and it picked up a decent amount of product from just one swirl! So, I'm really impressed with this brush but I wish the bristles were softer. 

3- M438 - Pointed Contour ($9.99): 
This brush is an obvious recommendation by Jaclyn Hill because she uses it in almost every tutorial. It's basically a small pointed brush with very soft bristles, it's the softest of them all. As the name suggests, it can be used for contouring the hollows of your cheeks since it has a nice pointed/precise end. I personally like to use it for highlighting the top of my cheeks, down the centre of my nose, above the brow bone and my cupid's bow. It can also be used to set your under eye concealer or other targeted areas of the face.  Again, highly recommend this brush as it's a brilliant multi-tasker. 

4- M224 - Oval Camouflage ($2.99):
I have been missing a similar brush in my collection, it's basically a synthetic oval brush to be used with cream products. it's designed for a full coverage application, so you can use it to pack on paint pots/cream shadows, shimmery powder eye-shadows, concealer or for extreme contouring/highlighting using cream foundations. Also, It's one of the most affordable among all the other brushes. 

5- M170 - 4 - Oval Lip Taklon ($1.99):
This brush is very similar to the oval camouflage but in a much smaller size. Apparently, it's designed to be used with lip products but I like to use it for other purposes. I recommend using it for inner corner highlighting for the eyes as it's really good with packing on eye shadows despite the small size, It can be used to spot-conceal any blemishes or imperfections on your face and you can use it to smudge eye liner on your lower lash line. It's a brilliant multi-tasker despite the small size!

6- M433 - Pro Firm Blending Fluff ($5.99): 
Basically, this is the dupe for the 217 brush by MAC, it's the perfect firm blending brush for the crease. It's made of goat hair so the bristles are really soft and delicate for the crease and eye area. The firmness of the brush helps to blend controllably in the crease area without getting too far with the eyeshadow, you also feel like the brush is doing all the work for you. If you're a beginner with makeup or you always like to go for smokey eyes then this brush is for you. 

7- M441 - Pro Firm Blending Crease ($5.99):
Again, this is very similar to the previous blending brush but a little bigger in size and less firm. I like to use it for a blended wash of colour all over the lid If I'm not in the mood to apply too much makeup. It's great for the quick blending of transition colours and as the final step to bring the whole look together. Also, if you're not a fan of flat brushes for concealer this is a brilliant buffing brush for your under eye area and around the nose. Again, this is made of goat hair so it's extremely soft and I highly recommend it as an affordable blending brush. 

Overall opinion:
I'm very impressed with Morphe brushes so far. Some people complained about the quality of the bristles/handles of these brushes but it's obviously not true. I'm definitely going to repurchase more brushes in the future and perhaps try out their makeup products. If you are a new makeup artist who is looking to build up her/his kit or simply a no-pro seeking affordable brushes that will serve all your needs then I highly recommend this brand for you. 

Note: Prices are mentioned next to each brush name and they were all purchased of the Morphe website.

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