Saturday, July 23, 2016

Review: Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer

If you have been following my Blog/Instagram over the years, you would know my obsession with Asian beauty products. I have done an Asian beauty haul recently, mainly to stock on sheet masks -but as usual I couldn't help but pick up a few items that caught my eyes. One of these products is the Etude house shine volumer and I basically bought it for the gorgeous packaging. (Because I'm a sucker like that!)
Now, I know the name isn't a clear indication of what the product is actually about- but I picked it up assuming that it's a liquid highlighter. 

Let's get straight to the review as I want to keep this post short..


As I mentioned, the packaging is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen; the box is pastel green and an illustration of a ballet dancer is drawn on it. Also, it comes in a tube which is just as adorable as the box with drawings of bows and ballet shoes on the lid. The rest of the tube is transparent to reveal the colour of the product inside (Thumbs up)
It comes with a dofer applicator just like lipgloss/concealer for more precise application and it's handy for traveling. 


It's my first time buying a liquid highlighter, even though there are so many of them in the market - but I really felt like discovering something new. After doing some research, this highlighter along with other products is from a limited edition collection in collaboration with a famous Australian illustrator called Kerrie Hess. (which explains the packaging)
It comes in three shades: Silver, gold and rose gold. I chose the rose gold colour (Shiny Tutu) since I already own a silver and gold highlighters in my collection. It's supposed to add a pearlescent shimmer to the lids, nose, cheeks or jawline and give the effect of moisturised skin. My first impression of this product was whoa that's too damn pigmented! but as soon as you dab it with your fingers it starts to tone down which also reminds me that it blended so easily. However, as opposed to looking dewy and giving a slight sheen to the targeted area, this actually had pieces of glitter in it. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved it and think the colour is absolutely stunning. it's just not your everyday highlighter and it would be more suitable for events or special occasions.  That being said, I like using it on the lid as a glittery eye base if I want to intensify my shimmery eyeshadows or on the centre of the lids as a pop of highlight. Moreover, if you're following the new metallic lip trend, which i'm not a big fan of but many people are, this product can give you just that if you apply a layer  on top of any lip colour. 

Overall opinion:

I loved experimenting with this products and it has been included in many of my recent makeup looks. I would recommend it for anyone who loves intense glitter highlighters or you can keep it in your collection for when you have special occasions, parties or festivals. It's also a beautiful item to hold on to if you're a fan of collecting limited edition items from different brands. 

Note: Priced at $9.90 from

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