Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette

So, I've always been late to the party when it comes to the "most raved about" beauty products, But I believe that it's better being late than never! The Rimmel kate sculpting palette has been haunting me for a couple of months, seeing everyone on instagram posting pictures of it so I finally decided to put an end to this torture. 

I got drawn to this product mainly because of the packaging (typical!) but the most exciting part was getting my hands on a practical palette which combines all cheek essentials. That way I can grab it whenever i want to throw on a 5 minute makeup face or when traveling. 

As I said something about the packaging was calling me, even though its neither luxurious nor does it have a mirror inside. However, having a simple sleek packaging which shows the colors of the actual product inside was just everything. On the backside of the palette there are guidelines on how to use the product with images which can be really useful if you're a beginner with face sculpting or not sure where to place each powder.  

So, in case you haven't figured out what the product is all about till now, it's mainly a face sculpting palette which contains a highlighter, contour shade and a blush. The first time I swatched the powders on the back of my hand I was surprised with the lack of pigmentation, but it all made sense to me when I used it on my face. I chose mine in the color "002 Coral Glow" which is suitable for medium skintones and it has a lovely peachy/pink blush. The contour shade was subtle, buildable and very easy to blend. I'm anyway not a big fan of heavily pigmented contour powders that leave dark stripes on your face and are almost impossible to blend. The blush was one of the most beautiful coral shades I have ever used in a long time! It's just perfect for summer time and slightly more pigmented than the contour. On the other hand, the highlighter was totally different in texture as it felt really chalky and lacked pigmentation. It does give a little bit of shine but the consistency is just chunky and seems to emphasize large pores or blemishes on the targeted area. (If you have any) 

Overall opinion: 
I'm really happy with this sculpting palette as it got me more into contouring which I rarely do on daily basis. I would recommend it if you're looking for an affordable sculpting palette. That being said, I would still have to grab a highlighter with me while traveling as I wasn't a big fan of the one in this palette. 

Note: Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette is Priced at $8.50 on

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