Friday, July 1, 2016

Review: Rodial Stem Cell Super Food Cleanser

I have been trying out many products from different brands this year. That being said,  I still feel thrilled whenever I buy or receive new stuff. A couple of weeks back I attended a masterclass on how to contour/highlight like Kim K and it was in collaboration with Rodial. Many Youtubers raved about this brand, especially the makeup, but I haven't heard much about their skincare range. So, I was extremely excited to recieve their stem cell cleanser in my goodie bag and of course very curious to play with it. 

Rodial is originally from the UK and it's been there in the market since 1999. The founder came up with these products after finding a gap in the market for high performance skincare products that would address various skin concerns. Today, Rodial products are known for their efficiency, potency and innovative ingredients. Price wise, Rodial is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum and would probably be categorised as a luxury brand. 

The cleanser comes in a lightweight purple pot in which you have to scoop out the product. The version I have is a sample size (50ml) so I got the cleanser on it's own. However, the product usually comes in a 200ml pot with a 100% cotton muslin cloth to wipe it off.  I'm not sure if a spatula would also be included as that would make the whole process more hygienic. I quite like the  packaging as it's very handy for travelling and won't break or spill.

It's a dual action facial cleanser that could also be used as a mask. It targets dehydrated skin and contains high quality natural ingredients such as: rose hip oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, Marula oil and stem cell (PhytocellTec Alp rose flower). The combination of these ingredients is supposed to cleanse, soften/condition the skin, protect against environmental stress, provide the skin with nutrients/anti-oxidents and improve texture over time. The first thing I noticed about the cleanser is the thick balmy texture, lovely light pink colour and rose smell. The product is supposed to be applied on dry skin, massaged and wiped off using muslin cloth or rinsed using warm water. I found it kind of difficult to massage the product on my skin as it doesn't melt like cleansing balms or turn into an oil. So, that meant using more of the product to cover my entire face and that's not very economical. I rinsed the product off using warm water since I didn't have the muslin cloth and it seemed to wash easily. Also, I tried using it as a face mask by leaving it on for 15-20 mins then rinsing it off the same way. In both cases, the product felt very gentle on my face, removed most of my make up, hydrated and firmed my skin. Though, I wouldn't use it on daily basis as it's more of a deep cleansing product. Moreover, I got away with this product because I have combination skin, but am assuming this might feel heavy for people with oily skin. 

Overall opinion: 
The stem cell cleanser was a great introduction for me to Rodial skincare products. I definitely enjoyed using this cleanser and including it into my weekly skincare routine. I would recommend it to anyone with dehydration/sensitivity issues as it helps maximise the moisture level of and feels very gentle on the skin. As I mentioned before, this product is not drugstore so if you are planning to splurge on skincare products, then I definitely suggest doing so on Rodial products. I'm very curious to try out their makeup range as I heard loads of good things about it. 

Note: Priced at 195 on BeautySolutions website and also available at Paris Gallery stores across UAE.

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