Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review: Coty Airspun Loose Powder

I have always reverted to other blogs, articles and famous youtubers for new makeup purchases. So, when Tati (One of my favorite Youtubers) stated that she's obsessed with Coty Airspun loose powder, I was totally sold! I have done a couple of huge hauls last months and decided to include this product and give it a go.

I always favoured compact powders as I felt that loose powders might end up creating a mess in my stash or look too ghostly on my face. However, I tried another brand of loose powder less than a year ago and it totally got me into this form of powder. 

I have tried to gather information about the brand itself; mainly to discover what else do they have in store, but it didn't seem to have any website or a proper social media .That being said, there were many good reviews by bloggers/users and I figured its one of the old cult classics available at most American drugstores.

Just like most loose powders it comes in a vibrant orange floral plastic pot and it contains a generous amount of product. (2.3oz) Many people might find it a little bulky for traveling but I personally wouldn't suggest depotting such fine powders into smaller containers as it might get everywhere! 

It claims to be a very fine powder that feels as light as air on the skin and helps with hiding fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. It's dermatologically tested and should not aggravate the skin or cause any breakouts. It comes in various colors if you want to add more coverage to your foundation but I chose mine in the color translucent. The first thing I noticed was its heavily scented and it smells a lot like baby powder. So, I immediately looked at the ingredients, it contains talcum and many people might start ranting about that. However, I have used baby powder for years, so did my parents and we have never faced any health/skin problems. I used the powder mainly to set my under eye concealer and T-zone area. I like to leave my cheeks powder-free as I have combination skin and area is usually very dry for me. But if I'm going to use matte bronzers and blushers that can be a little hard to blend - I like to dust a very light layer of loose powder before using them to help blend them more smoothly. The powder does indeed feel very light weight, it sets all my makeup in place the entire day and I found that it reduces the appearance of pores. Also, it doesn't look powdery/chalky which is every girl's primal fear! On the other hand, I don't have any wrinkles yet but I do have a few expression lines on my forehead and the powder didn't seem to hide them. Honestly, I wasn't looking for anti-aging facilities out of this powder as I think the best way to achieve flawless skin is by investing in good skincare products. Thus, I'm quite content with this powder doing what it's supposed to do i.e: setting makeup up in place and reducing shine. I don't use the baking method often but i can guarantee it's perfect for that as well. (Yes, I baked for the sake of this review!) 

Overall opinion:
This drugstore powder is definitely worth the hype and I can compare it to high end powders in terms of quality. If you are very sensitive to scents then you might find the smell of this powder overpowering. Otherwise, I highly recommend it if you are a constant user of loose powder and looking for an affordable alternative. It's not available in department stores in the UAE but you can easily find it at online stores.

Note: Priced at $8.99 from and AED 52 at

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