Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Review: E.L.F Complete Coverage Concealer Palette

I'm not sure if phobia from running out of concealer exists, but that's how I truly feel when I only have one in my stash and there is not much left in it! For this reason, there has to be a new concealer in every online makeup haul that I do. I have chosen a concealer palette from E.LF this time which is new to me as I always choose single ones. In fact, I have bought other products from the same brand as well but I prefer reviewing each one separately in order to keep this post short and informative.

I picked up this product for various reasons:
- It's extremely affordable and I won't regret the money If I ended up not liking it. 
- It has various shades in which I can mix them up to get the right one.
- I can use it for multiple reasons like basic concealing, contouring or bronzing.


I'm sure you are all familiar with the packaging of E.L.F products, the quality is not great but you get what you pay for. It comes in a plastic black compact with a transparent stripe on top to reveal the product inside. The size is perfect for traveling but it doesn't have a mirror which many people might consider as a drawback. (Personally, I don't mind)


The idea behind this palette is not having to buy several concealers for different times of the year. It has four shades ranging from fair to deep colours in order to lighten/darken the concealer whether your skin is normal or tanned. I chose my palette in the shade medium but it also comes in light and dark. The consistency of this concealer has really surprised my as it felt really cream, lightweight and blendable. I have always thought that cream concealers/foundations are extremely thick and hard to distribute on the face. The lightest shade in the palette turned out to be the perfect match for my skin tone and I didn't have to mix it with a darker shade. In terms of coverage, I would say it's slightly more than medium but not exactly full as well. My favourite way to use it is either with a synthetic buffing brush or using my fingers, but you can also use a damp beauty sponge to press it into the skin. Not only did it cover my under eye dark circles, it was also brilliant with covering blemishes. As for the darker colours, one of them was on the grey side so I used it for lightly contouring my face. The other two were more warm-toned and I used them for bronzing purposes. Also, I recommend setting the product with a powder to lock it in place and avoid any creasing. The only downside with this palette is if you run out of one shade it cannot be replaced and you have to buy the entire palette again.

Overall Opinion:

I'm very fond of this palette as it's really practical for concealing and contouring the face. Also, it is very useful if you always struggle with finding the right shade of concealer, bronzer or contour - this palette gives you just that with the whole customising option and what's even better is you can do it all year long. I highly recommend this concealer for people on a budget or If you're looking for a multi-purpose palette.  

Note: Priced at $3.99 at

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