Saturday, August 20, 2016

Review: Milani Cosmetics Haul

Nothing beats discovering drugstore finds that are just as good as high end ones. Milani is one of these affordable brands that kept dazzling everyone with the quality of their makeup, even some professional makeup artists swear by their products. My previous experience with some of their products such as their lip liners and baked blushes was excellent. So, today i will talk you through three Milani products from a recent drugstore haul and whether they are worth buying. 
1- Perfect + Conceal 2-in-1 Foundation + concealer:
There has been a huge hype about this foundation by many Youtubers, that's why i decided to give it a go. It's supposed to be a waterproof/full coverage foundation that will cover major imperfections and combat under eye dark circles as well. Basically, it claims you won't be needing a concealer since it already covers everything. The packaging is made of glass which gives it a more luxurious feeling, on the other hand it might break if you drop it on the floor. Also, can we take a moment and appreciate that it comes with a pump! Mine is in the shade "light Beige"which was a little yellow for me but I can always fix that with powder/setting spray. It also comes in another 13 shades ranging from very fair to deep skin tones(Thumbs up). Coverage of this foundation is insanely high and one pump was more than enough to hide my blemishes and redness but I still had to use concealer to brighten my under eye area. My advise with any new foundation is starting with a very small amount and then building up wherever you need more coverage. The finish is slightly dewy so I suggest setting your T-zone with a powder to avoid excess shine. Also, I don't suggest using powder foundation or any powder with coverage on top of this foundation as it will look cakey, Instead you can use a very light dust of translucent powder. To sum everything up, I like this foundation but I don't use it on daily basis because it's too full coverage. My skin has cleared up a lot over the last year and i'm more geared towards lighter foundations, this one is definitely not Au Natural and it will look like you have makeup on your face (Just thought of addressing that). The question is: Is it worth buying? I would say every girl needs a full coverage foundation in her stash for special occasions or when her skin is problematic. This one is a great drugstore option if you don't want to spend an arm and leg on a high end full coverage foundation. 

2- Anti-feathering Lip Liner:
As mentioned earlier, I have used Milani's lip liners in the past and they were extremely good; especially the retractable ones. One of the problems that most of us suffer from when applying bold colours is feathering/bleeding. I knew the solution for this issue was using an anti-feathering pen as I used one from a more expensive brand and didn't have the guts to buy it. However, when I spotted this pencil from Milani I was over the moon and blindly added that to my cart. The translucent silicon formula has the same mechanism as pore-filling silicon face primers as it will fill in the cracks on your lips for a better application of lip products and obviously help them last longer without bleeding. 
I found this pencil really helpful; especially with matte lip products as they tend to cling to dry patches on the lips. Also, it feels a little sticky on the lips but it does really help the lipstick to stay in place for a long time. I would still suggest exfoliating your lips regularly for better results. Is it worth buying? absolutely, considering the very affordable price and great results I have personally seen.

3- Amore Matte lip Creme:
This was one of the products I'm most excited about from my previous drugstore haul. Many Youtubers raved about this product and compered it to high end liquid lipstick which encouraged me to give it a go. This comes in 16 shades ranging from nudes to dark vampy colours so you have a lot to choose from. I didn't want to buy every single of the range just in case I didn't end up liking it. So, I tested the water with one shade only "Adorable' which is a nude brown shade. The formula goes extremely smooth on the lips, you only need one swipe to cover each lip and it smells like cookies! It starts out glossy but it sets into a gorgeous satin/matte finish within a few seconds. I always use a lip liner beforehand to outline my lips but you can totally rock this liquid lip stick on its own due to the pointed wand which adapts to the shape of your lips seamlessly. This liquid lipstick is definitely one of the best I have ever used as It doesn't fade, dry out your lips or crumble by mid-day. If you eat an oily meal then it might fade a little but unlike other liquid lipsticks this won't feel gross if you touch it up with another layer. Is it worth buying? I couldn't recommend it more! I'm actually planning the next shades that I want to purchase. 

Foundation is priced at $10.49
Anti-feathering lip liner priced at $4.99
Amore liquid lipstick priced at $9.49
** All of them can be found at


  1. I always wanted to try products from Milani, have heard so many rave reviews about the brand! Thanks for posting such a detailed review😊

    1. Thank you dear <3 I'm glad you enjoyed my review :)