Sunday, September 25, 2016

Review: Dermalogica Products - Skincare Tips

when it comes to skincare, If I get an allergic reaction to a certain product -I'll probably not go near the entire brand again! This happened to me after using a hydrating mask by Dermalogica long time back and I never had a second thought about discovering the rest of their range. I have attended a skincare masterclass at the brand's head office last month, been playing with a couple of their products and now I'm totally sold!

If you're not familiar with Dermalogica, then what have you been doing with your life?! No, seriously this brand has been in the market for the past three decades and still favoured among skin care professionals around the world. The brand focuses on the well-being of the skin rather than beauty; this translated on the ingredients they used to develop their products as they eliminated any substance that could cause breakouts or irritate the skin such as (Alcohol, Mineral oils, scents and artificial colours). Today, I'm going to share with you my experience with a couple of products from their range along with tips that i have learned at the masterclass. 

1- Pre-cleanse Oil Emulsifyer: 

The first step of cleansing your face should always be done using an oil, especially if you wear a full face of makeup on daily basis. The pre-cleanse is basically an oil cleanser that emulsifies using water; this will help melt down your makeup before moving on to your regular facial cleanser. The brilliant aspect about this product is it doesn't leave any sticky/greasy feeling and doesn't strip your skin from its natural oils. This product is universally flattering for all skin types so don't be scared to use it even if you have oily skin. Also, it has a lovely natural scent that is neither annoying nor overpowering on the nose. As mentioned earlier, it is highly recommended to use another product as a second cleanser along with the pre-cleanse to ensure you have removed all traces of makeup. 

2- Daily Microfoliant: 

I had a sample size of this product in my beauty stash for a long time, but I never dared to use it after a traumatising experience with one of the Dermalogica facial masks. However, attending the masterclass has definitely changed my mind and encouraged me to give it a try. Daily microfoliant is a powder exfoliant that gets activated using water and it is gentle enough to be used on daily basis. It contains highly effective ingredients such as: rice powder, green tea, Ginko and oatmeal. The way I like to use it is by popping a coin sized amount of the powder in my hands, mix a few drops of water to form a paste and finally rub it between my hands to foam it up before applying it to my face. The product feels slightly grainy on the skin but surprisingly more gentle than any other face exfoliant. It helps get rid of dead skin cells,  remaining bits of makeup/dirt and brightens the skin. The combination of ingredients in this product helps smooth the skin, eliminate pigmentation and even out the skin tone on the long run. Even though it is safe enough for every day use, I only use it twice a week for now and might increase the usage in the future. 

Important Skincare Tips:

- It is very important to protect your face using sunblock/Moisturizer with SPF, especially if you plan to use a product like the microfoliant on daily basis which gets rid of the top layer of the skin. 

- Conduct a patch test on the back of your hand whenever you buy a new skincare product to ensure you're not allergic to any of the ingredients. 

- If you're between the ages on 25-35 it is highly recommended to use age-prevention products to protect you from the first signs of ageing. After 35 you can start using more potent ingredients such as Retinols in which you can dilute with a buffer cream/normal moisturiser in case your skin is very sensitive. 

- Do not underestimate eye creams, as your under eye area is much more delicate than the rest of the face and requires more attention. Invest in a decent eye cream that hydrates, protects against ageing and free radicals. 

Overall opinion:

My experience with these two products has been nothing but pleasant. The pre-cleanse has been part of my everyday cleansing routine and it is hands down one of the best makeup removers. The daily microfoliant has totally changed my view on face exfoliators - the ones I used before were extremely abrasive and did more harm than good. The brand is on the more expensive side of the spectrum but if you really want to invest in an effective skincare brand, you might want to consider Dermalogica. I can totally see myself repurchasing these products in the future as well as discovering more products from this brand.


Pre Cleanse is Priced at AED180
Microfoliant is Priced at AED 245
Available at as well as selected pharmacies and SPAs across UAE.

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