Sunday, September 4, 2016

Review: H&M Makeup Haul

Another day another makeup brand to review. The H&M makeup range has been out for a while now but as usual I'm late to the party and only managed to try them recently . Last month there were crazy discounts at most retail stores as part of the Dubai summer festival, so when I spotted some of their makeup items at dirt cheap prices I was down for a mini haul. 

I had a hard time choosing the products, as people misplaced most products and the names on the packaging didn't match the actual items inside. But I managed to pick up a selection of single eye shadows, blush and a loose pigment. 

High Impact Shadows:
Their shadow range is huge - they have different finishes from matte to extremely sparkly ones. The packaging of these eye shadows is extremely cute as it comes in white/gold compacts. However, the ones on sale were very limited and I ended up with these shades: Lavender Frost, Dover and At The Barre. 
-Lavender Frost: A soft lilac colour with a slight sheen to it. Fairly pigmented, suitable for fair skin tones but for medium skin it requires pairing it with darker shades in order to make it really pop. 
-Dover: A silvery white colour with lots of glitter. Looks lovely on the lids but the fall out is unreal; you will end up with lots of glitter bits on your face. Thus, with such shades you need to leave your base makeup till the end. 
- A The Barre: Very pale matte pink colour. Picked this up by mistake as it was wrongly packaged as a dark purple shade. It's nicely pigmented but doesn't transfer on the lid as pink, it looks more like white on me. 
All shades has the same longevity on the lids, they don't fade or transfer through out the day. They are not the best in terms of quality and you can probably find better options at drugstores. However, I still believe there are better shades for my skin tone at the non-sale section which I might try one day.

                                                From L to R: Lavender Frost, At The Barre, Dover.

Powder Blush:
Once again, I'm a big fan of the sleek yet simple packaging of this blush. It doesn't come with a mirror though, which doesn't make a different to me as I always get ready using standing mirrors. I chose the colour Pale Pink as i have a plenty of corals and deep pinks in my collection. The colour is quite decent and buildable as I hate it when blushes are too pigmented that you can't even blend them.    I forgot to mention that it's completely matte, not sure if they have other finishes as well but I always prefer no-shimmer blushes. It stays on all day without fading or separating so thumbs up for that.

Glitter Dust (Loose pigment):
I don't own many loose pigments in my collection and I didn't want to pay an arm and leg to purchase a new one. When i spotted the colour Pizzazz ,which is a very bright purple colour, I blindly added that to my shopping cart. I appreciate the smart packaging of this product; it comes in a transparent plastic bottle that has a long flexible neck with a lid at the end. This allows you to control the amount of product that you want to use, considering that loose pigments are messy, without accidentally dispensing too much. On the other hand, I didn't like the product at all for the following reasons:
1- It's not finely milled and requires glitter glue. ( I don't own one and fixing spray didn't work!)
2- Feels very gritty on the lids, could scratch the delicate skin in this area and obviously not suitable for sensitive eyes/contact lenses users.
In brief, I do not recommend spending your money on this loose pigment as I feel like it's not safe to use on the eyes. (More like an arts and crafts glitter!)

Overall Opinion:
I feel like H&M makeup range is a total hit or miss and definitely requires a lot of trail at the shop before buying any of their products. Considering that I didn't pay the full price of these items and my curious nature to try new things, I don't really regret spending on these items. However, If you're willing to make a purchase with the full price I suggest looking through online reviews to find out which products/shades are worth buying. 

Note: I'm not sure about the full prices of these items so i will only list the sale price I bought it for.
Eyeshadows: AED 5/ each
Blush: AED 15
Loose Pigment: AED 5
Available at all H&M stores across the UAE.

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