Saturday, October 29, 2016

Review: E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set

I'm not the kind of girl who carries around an entire bag of makeup to touch up on the go. Thus, everything needs to be well set before stepping outside the house; which means caking on powdering my face to perfection. Setting spray was never on my to-buy list as it seemed like another gimmicky product that makeup companies are trying to force on us. The only reason I decided to buy one was to intensify the colour of my eye shadows and it was a high end spray by MAC.

So, I started using the spray to actually set my makeup and was blown away with the results; my makeup has never looked better! However, I wasn't happy with the expensive price i had to pay for some water in a bottle which encouraged me to look for an alternative. I noticed that many beauty gurus were using the E.L.F setting spray religiously so I decided to give it a try since it was more pocket friendly. 

It comes in a 60ml bottle which is quite decent for the price you pay. The packaging is made of plastic which makes it very lightweight and handy for traveling. The bottle is black but its slightly transparent to show how much is left of the product. (Smart!)

The product is supposed to keep your makeup in place the entire day while moisturising and soothing the skin at the same time. The key ingredients in this spray are aloe, green tea, cucumber, Vitamin A,C and E. Also, I was thrilled to know that it does not contain alcohol which makes it more comfortable and gentle on the skin. Like most setting sprays, it's supposed to be held 30cm away from the face, sprayed while eyes are closed and left to dry naturally. (It can also be blotted with a tissue if you're in a hurry)
The mist felt really fine, it did not spray in bizarre directions, two sprays were enough to cover my entire face and there was no scent detected for all of you smell fanatics! It helped keep my makeup in place all day, reduced the cakey look from using powder and gave a nice radiant finish. (The spray is totally clear, no glitter or whatsoever!) Finally, Its useful to keep in your handbag for refreshment on-the-go, especially during hot summer days. 

Overall Opinion:
I was quite impressed by the quality of the E.L.F setting spray and definitely think its a dupe for high end ones. Even though high end sprays mostly contain 100ml of product hence the more premium price, I still think that buying this dupe in bulk would still be more economical! I highly recommend trying out this spray if you don't want to spend a fortune on luxurious ones. (These extra pennies can be spent on good makeup!)

Note: Bought mine for $2.99 from 
Also available on and costs AED 39

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