Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review: Isehan Heroine Mascara and Eyeliner

If you have been following me for quite sometime, you would know that my go-to makeup look consists of defined eyes and bold lips. Speaking of polished eyes, Mascara and eyeliner are my ride or die items that I literally cannot live as they really open and shape your eyes. In my last asian haul, I decided to try a couple of eye products from a brand called Isehan heroine and I was thrilled to find them both in one kit! 

I didn't get the chance to post the review earlier because I was simply using other products. Also, I wanted to form an honest opinion about these items which requires at least a month of testing. Moving on, Isehan heroine is a drugstore japanese brand which not everyone might be familiar with. Many Youtubers raved about there mascara/eyeliner either after buying it from Japan or simply after discovering it online. However, Price wise it was not as cheap as normal drugstore products; which gave me the impression that it might be better in quality. 

The two items that came in the kit are:
  • Heroine make volume and curl super waterproof mascara.
  • Heroine make smooth liquid eyeliner (Black 01).
The kit they came in is one of the funniest and cutest I have ever seen. It had an anime character drawn on it who is apparently crying but her makeup is not running down her face because its waterproof! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the kit as I threw it away but you can click here and have a look if you're interested. Otherwise, the mascara and eyeliner came in a very dark plum packaging which looked both chic and simple. 

1-Heroine make smooth liquid eyeliner: 
This is one of the felt tip eyeliners with a long and thin nib. It needs to be shaken up before use in order to activate the product and draw opaque lines. The eyeliner is very easy to use as the formula is extremely smooth, the felt tip is steady but doesn't hurt your eye balls and the color is pitch black. It's more on the glossy side though so if you like matte black eyeliners, this might not be the one for you. It lasts all day without smudging or fading as it's super waterproof, but you need to use a decent oil makeup remover to take it off later on. 

2-Heroine make volume and curl mascara:
The mascara has a plastic wand with a reasonable size brush at the end (slightly smaller than normal mascaras). Formula feels a little wet and glossy but the colour is extremely black so thumbs up for that. It's supposed to be a volume and curl mascara but I found that it gave more of a lengthening effect instead. Also, it gives you lots of lash separation so you don't have to worry about your lashes getting clumpy. Again, this one is super waterproof so it doesn't budge the entire day and you need an oil makeup remover to take it off. Another thing that I noticed is it doesn't give much curl if you have extremely flat lashes like mine, so it's better to use a lash curler beforehand. Honestly, it's not a bad mascara but I usually reach for volumizing mascaras because I like that effect. However, if you want a mascara that gives you long lashes and seperation then you might like this one.

Overall opinion: 
I'm highly impressed by the quality of this eye kit as the products performed really well compared to other brands. The eyeliner has now become one of my favourites and I would totally repurchase it again. As for the mascara, I will continue using it on days when I want my lashes to look long and natural but probably wouldn't purchase it again. Both items can be bought separately which is such a relief, I hate it when you have to buy an entire kit just to use one product!

Note: The kit costed $19.85 but each product separately is $15 and you can find it at

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