Sunday, October 23, 2016

Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Skincare Range

It's not everyday that you get invited to Burj Al Arab! That's exactly where I got introduced to the Neutrogena Hydro Boost skincare products and every bit of the event was magical. The main potent ingredient in the range is Hyaluronic Acid which deeply hydrates the skin and gives it a healthy glow that looks like its coming from within. Not to mention that it was Sixteen's award winner for the best selling new skincare line.
As usual, I would like to highlight that all items were generously given to me during the launch event but all opinions mentioned at this blog post belong to me.

The packaging of this entire range just speaks for itself. All the products are packaged in icy blue/white containers which gives it a delicious, fresh yet simple look and feel.

1- Water Gel Moisturiser: 
It is supposed to quench dry skin and keeps it looking healthy, hydrated and supple all day. The first thing I noticed is the adorable icy blue colour of this cream. It felt extremely cooling/soothing, got absorbed instantly and softened my skin. Also, the consistency is very lightweight yet the skin will still feels hydrated after hours; which means it's perfect as a base before makeup. The entire range is fragrance free but for some reason it smells like heaven so it must be the natural smell of the ingredients. A slight tingling sensation might be felt when using it for the first time. This will only last for a couple of minutes so don't panic if your skin looked a little flushed. Lastly, the gel is oil free so it's suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

2- Gel Cream Moisturiser: 
This cream is supposed to have the same effect as the water gel but it's designed for extra dry skin. It felt really hydrating, softening and fast absorbing. The colour of this cream is white unlike the water gel. Despite the heavier consistency of the cream I felt like the water gel lasted longer on my skin and gave it a healthy glow. Again, this cream is oil free so it would make a decent primer before makeup and it won't look as glowy.

3- Micellar Water:
It's supposed to be a cleansing water that gently removes makeup and dirt while keeping the skin fresh and hydrated. Also, it creates a barrier on the outer surface on the skin to lock in the hydration for a long time. This water helped remove base products such as: foundation, concealer, powder but it wasn't potent enough to remove waterproof mascara or eye liner. Thus, I suggest removing waterproof makeup using an oil first then going in with micellar water to eliminate any remaining bits. Otherwise, it's lovely as a refreshing toner before makeup followed by either the water gel or cream moisturiser.

4- Water Gel Cleanser:
It's supposed to be a lightweight cleanser that activates with water to lather away oil, makeup and impurities while leaving the skin hydrated. It feels very airy on the skin, not foamy which means that it doesn't contain soap or harmful nasties and does not strip the skin's natural oils. I like to use it as a second cleanser after melting off my makeup with an oil, as it removes any remaining residue and balances out the skin. Lets take a moment and appreciate that it comes with a pump which is always more hygienic and user friendly. Lastly, it is not at all abrasive and suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

5- Cleansing Facial Wipes:
These wipes  are supposed to infused with fresh cleansing lotion to instantly remove waterproof makeup while leaving the skin soft and hydrated. I was highly impressed with how quick these wipes have eliminated waterproof makeup from the first swipe. Also, they did not leave my skin feeling irritated or dry unlike other brands I tried before. However, it's recommended to use the water gel cleanser after these wipes to ensure squeaky clean skin. Just like the entire products in this range, these wipes are suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Overall opinion:
I was totally blown away by the quality and effectiveness of the Hydro boost range. My skin has become more dry recently and the only thing that helped rehydrate and make it look healthier is this skincare line. I couldn't recommend this range more and I can totally see myself repurchasing these products again and again. My least favourite product was the micellar water mainly because I use waterproof mascara and eyeliner every day of my life. However, It's still a decent cleansing water for the face and if used as a refreshing toner. I'm also very intrigued to try out the Hydro boost eye cream and face serum in the future.

Note: Prices are as follow:
Water Gel AED 42
Gel Cream AED 42
Wipes AED 33
Cleanser AED 45
Micellar Water AED 36

**Available at most pharmacies/hypermarkets. 

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