Monday, November 28, 2016

Brand Review: Essence Cosmetics

My rich source of information has always been Youtubers/bloggers as I always learn about new brands through them. Julia Graf (Swiss/German Youtuber) raved about a drugstore brand called "Essence" in the past, mentioning that quality of their products are bomb while they retail at extremely affordable prices. I was so thrilled to know that Essence is finally available in Dubai and there is not much variation in price comparing to western countries. 
I was kindly invited to a Glambox subscribers event last month aimed towards introducing a few of the brand's best selling products. For those of you who are not familiar with the brand, It originally started in Germany (2001) by a lady called Cristina who wanted to develop a brand that is both great in quality and affordable in price. Then, it started spreading in more than 50 countries including US/Canada in which they achieved a huge success being sold at drugstores and won several awards. Today, I'm going to review the goodies I received at the event which consists of : Mascara, blush and lipstick.

1- Forbidden Volume Mascara:
The mascara is supposed to have a thickening formula that amplifies the lashes to give you an eye catching look. I like the cone shaped wand with soft bristles - It's really gentle on the lashes unlike other mascaras that can be overly spiky and painful. Also, it catches all the lashes from roots till ends and it coats them with it's smooth, dark black formula. So, the verdict is it gives lots of volume, length and separation; who doesn't want such mascara?! Moreover, it stays on the entire day without fading or smudging so thumbs up for that. However, the formula is not waterproof so you might want to avoid using it while doing any sort of heavy physical activities such exercising or swimming. It wasn't my first time trying out this product at the event as I received it in one of my previous Glamboxes but I highly recommend it if you're on the hunt for affordable/decent drugstore mascaras. 

2- Satin Touch Blush (Shade: 10 Satin Coral):
It's an ultra soft blush that is supposed to blend easily evenly and easily. It comes in a compact clear, simple packaging made of plastic revealing the colour of the blush. The shade range of this product is not huge, it only comes in 3 shades, which I think they have to expand in the future to cater darker skin tones. The colour I got is a lovely soft coral that looks both fresh and natural on the skin. It blends on the cheeks like a dream and stays on for a long time without separating or fading. Also, I feel like a little bit goes a long way so you should start by applying a small amount then building it if needed. Again, I highly suggest trying out this product as the quality can easily be compared to high end brands.

3- Long Lasting Lipstick (Shade: 07 Natural Beauty):
It's a long lasting lipstick that is supposed to inject your lips with an intense colour while keeping them soft and hydrated. It comes in a black and white packaging with a coloured ring in the middle which represents the shade of the lipstick (Smart!). Unlike the satin blush this comes in a total of 18 shades which is definitely unexpected from such an affordable brand but of course a good thing! The shade I got is a muted mauvey pink, the pigmentation is not as intense as you might think and its more on the sheer side. However, it feels extremely hydrating on the lips and gives a "your lips but better" finish which i'm totally in love with. I have to admit the longevity is not that great, especially if you're going to eat/drink, but it's such an easy product for touching up and doesn't require much precision in application. Even though I'm an intense lipstick lover I highly recommend having such  product in your collection for "No makeup" days or to pair with intense eye looks. 

Overall opinion:
I think Essence has quickly become one of my favourite drugstore brands. The products are extremely easy to use, high quality and even more affordable than other drugstore brands. I'm curious to experiment more with their products such as: lip liners, eye shadow palettes, highlighters and bronzers. I highly suggest trying out all the products mentioned in today's post as they passed my expectations with flying colours! 

Essence products can be found at the following outlets: Bazaar, day to day, V perfumes, Carrefour mini markets (Not hypermarket), Temptations, IBN & Yas, Lulu and
Mascara Retails at AED 13.
Blush Retails at around AED 12
Lipstick Retails at around AED 12

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