Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: Alterna Haircare Products (November Glambox)

Haircare has always been at the back of my mind as I thought my hair was doing just fine with a basic shampoo and conditioner. In the past couple of years, my hair has become extremely thin due to several factors such as: dieting (losing weight), hormonal imbalance and stress. On top of that it has become frizzy and hard to manage which I considered as a wake up call for me to start taking better care of it. I was invited to an event a few weeks back to preview the November Glambox and it basically contains products from the caviar range by Alterna. 
I heard so many great reviews on this range but of course I had to try it myself before forming an opinion. I forgot to mention the event was held at Chill salon - Media City and they were using mostly Alterna products for cleansing and styling their clients' hair. Developed in 1997, Alterna is a premium French brand inspired by the science of skincare such as age control complex and plumping marine complex. Their high performance products are designed with pure, sustainable ingredients such as caviar, sea silk, bamboo and Kendi oil. Also, the products are free of paraben/sulphate/synthetic colours, does not formulate with gluten and never test on animals.

I have used the generous sample size products that came in my box for a good 3-4 times now and in today's post i'm going to share my honest opinion/experience.

1- Oil Creme Pre-Shampoo Treatment:
This is an intensive treatment that can be used twice a week to deeply moisturise, revitalise dehydrated hair and leave it feeling soft/shiny. It should be emulsified between the hands, applied to dry or towel dried hair (from roots to ends), left to sink in the hair for 5-15 minutes depending on the level of dryness and finally rinsed. As the name suggests, this would be the very first step before shampooing and conditioning the hair. The texture of this cream is lightweight, easily distributes on the hair and smells like spa in a bottle! This step has definitely made a difference as my hair feels instantly soft and prepared for the rest of the routine. 
(Ps: It's not included in the picture above as I threw the sample away by mistake after finishing it but you can click here to check it out!)

2- Oil Creme Shampoo:
This is an oil based shampoo that gently removes dirt and oils. Formulated with Abyssinian oil which purifies the hair without stripping it of the much needed moisture. It's a low-lather shampoo, but it foams nicely despite using a very minimal amount so a little bit goes a long way. It helped clean my hair without neither stripping my hair nor feeling overly greasy. The entire range smells citrusy, refreshing and step just makes your hair linger with goodness!

3- Fill & Fix Treatment Mask:
This is a deeply reparative mask that nourishes, strengthens and improves hair manageability. It should be the next step after shampooing and can be used several times a week. After cleansing excess water should be removed, this treatment should be applied to damp hair and left for 3 minutes before rinsing. The texture is slightly thicker than any other product in the range but this proves it's highly repairing and nourishing. Again, this does not make the hair feel overly greasy but it's totally optional if you prefer using it on your ends only. While many people might not believe in repairing damaged hair, I really think this mask has reduced the appearance of split ends and tamed down the frizziness. 

4- Repair X Instant Recovery Conditioner:
It's an intense deep conditioner that protects the hair by creating a lipid-like barrier around strands, helping to seal in the hydration and reduce loss of moisture. This can be left on the hair for 3-5 minutes but I prefer to rinse it off immediately, especially if I use the mask beforehand. This conditioner does not weigh the hair down unlike other products, maintains the natural volume of the hair and leaves the hair super shiny/smooth. I highly recommend using the conditioner and mask simultaneously as they ease up the styling process and reduces frizziness. 

5- CC Cream 10 in 1 Complete Correction:
This is a leave-in conditioner that can be used alone or as a base for layering other styling products. It provides 10 basic benefits: Moisture, smoothness, softness, shine, UV protection, heat protection, light hold, manageability, anti-breakage and strength. The product is very lightweight ;I use the tiniest amount on the ends of my hair to give it shine and tame any fly aways. Also, I highly recommend using it before styling your hair to reduce any damages that might be caused by high heat. 

Overall opinion:
I'm highly impressed by Alterna as a brand and totally sold on each and every product. Just like skin, hair does age by time and it's very important to invest in a good hair care routine. November Glambox was just the perfect introduction to this luxury hair brand - I can see myself purchasing the full size of these products as well as trying out other items. If you are looking for a truly reliable brand that even Pros swear by, I suggest trying out the Alterna Caviar range. 

Note: Alterna Shampoo Range can be found at Chill Salon as well as other well-known salons. Don't forget to subscribe to Glambox for monthly exciting goodies!

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