Sunday, November 6, 2016

Review: Beauty With No Extreme Measures Transformation Kit

Maxfactor has always been one of my favourite drugstore brands over the years. Luckily, I was invited to an event by them last month which was hosted by the famous Joelle Mardinian, regional creative director of the brand in which she would be sharing tips and tricks to enhance natural beauty. The main slogan/hashtag used at the event was "Beauty with no extreme measures", meaning that you don't have to pile on lots of makeup in order to look beautiful.

Firstly, Joelle started by explaining her story of when she started learning about makeup in the UK as well as the differences in trends between western countries and the middle east. She mentioned that it shocked her to see ladies in the middle east using vast amounts of makeup to hide their flaws instead of embracing their natural beauty. Then, she introduced the new transformation kit by Max factor which can help with bringing out the best face features without looking overdone. I was generously gifted the transformation kit to try out after the event and this is what i'm going to review for you today. 

1- Face Finity All day 3 in 1 Foundation (SPF 20):
This product is supposed to be a primer, foundation and colour corrector all at the same time. The shade I got was slightly more tan than my skin tone (Bronze 80) but it can always be lightened using custom drops or a lighter foundation. However, I did wear the foundation on its own in order to test its performance. My initial thoughts after the first application were:
A- It blended easily without leaving streaks.
B- It doesn't have a scent. (Thumbs up)
C- It gives medium coverage but can be built. 
D- It is more on the dewy/natural side.
E- Evened out my complexion but did not conceal blemishes/dark circles. (Still had to use a concealer) 
I like the fact that it contains SPF 20 so if you didn't have time to wear sunscreen in the morning, at least your foundation will provide some protection! I took a few photos wearing this foundation and no flash back was detected. In terms of longevity, It stayed put the entire day without fading or moving but I anyways like to powder certain areas on my face just in case. Also, if you have combination/oily skin then you definitely have to powder your face. The final verdict is that I really fancy this foundation; it gives a skin-like coverage in which you can rock during the day for a No-makeup look and built up for more dramatic look during the night. On the other hand, if you have acne/blemishes you need to spot conceal as they will still be showing through the foundation. 

2- CC Colour Corrector Stick (Yellow):
I have always suffered from under eye dark circles and colour correctors are a must in my daily makeup routine. This product comes in many shades such as : green, purple, peach, pink and the yellow which comes in the transformation kit. The yellow is supposed to balance out any purple toned veins which you might have under the eyes. It comes in a chubby pencil format to easily target certain areas on the skin. Also, the pencil twists up for the ease of application so you don't have to worry about regularly sharpening it. The formula of this corrector was extremely creamy, easy to blend on the skin but you still need to do a little bit of powdering. However, my veins are more on the blue/green colour so yellow did not help cancel them out. Otherwise, I like to use it as a highlighter to enhance certain areas of the face such as: the brow bone, top of the cheeks and cupid's bow. It does not contain shimmer or whatsoever so when blended it looks very natural. I recommend this product for anyone with purple veins under their eyes, especially people with very light skin tones as it will give more effective results. For anyone like myself who suffers from blue/green veins or has a medium skin tone, the peachy corrector will work best.

3- Pan Stick Foundation (Cool Bronze 97):
I have recently started using cream base products because they look more natural on the skin. I was happy to see that my transformation kit contains a dark stick foundation that can be used for sculpting the face. It comes in a twist up pan for ease of use ; you can draw directly on the face or you can use the small angled brush that comes in the kit for more precise application. The formula of these stick foundations are extremely blendable and pigmented. Thus, a very small amount should be applied at first in order to avoid applying too much at once. The colour I got is slightly warm even though the name suggests otherwise. However, it's perfect for bronze-touring which means blending the product in places that you would normally contour minus the harsh lines - that way it looks more subtle and natural. I suggest setting this product with a powder if you have combination/oily skin, otherwise it stays well on dry skin without powdering. Highly recommend this product if you're a beginner as it's extremely easy to use. Also, I forgot to mention the kit includes cards with guidelines on how to utilise these products to sculpt/transform your face (for eg. if you want a slimmer nose, high cheek bones, wider eyes etc..).

Overall opinion:
I'm highly impressed by the transformation kit by Maxfactor and how it has performed. As learned at the event, beauty does not have to be associated with applying a huge amount of makeup and we are all still beautiful without it. Using makeup strategically is the ideal way to look polished but stay true to our natural beauty at the same time. Whether you are a housewife or a working lady, Investing in the transformation kit will definitely change your makeup game as the products are extremely easy to use and will save you time/money. 

Note: The transformation kit is priced at AED 135 (Contains all 3 products). Available at famous hypermarkets, pharmacies and lifestyle stores across UAE.

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