Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Review: Herbal Essentials Skincare Products + Skin Analysis

I always get excited when a brand that I like decides to open in Mercato mall, It's a small shopping centre but full of stores/services which serves the area. Herbal Essentials has recently unveiled their new derma kiosk there - its a brilliant addition to their brand mix. I was kindly invited to experience their new beauty hub in which one of their staff would perform a complimentary skin analysis on me, educate me about their products and suggest the best routine based on my skin type and the test results.
Firstly, it's totally fine to wear makeup to your skin appointment as they would use a machine that sees through the deeper layers of the skin. The lady who performed my analysis was extremely friendly and knowledgeable (Her name is Jelena, Hi if you're reading!). She used a machine that looks like a barcode reader, which was also connected to an app on her tablet ; she scanned different parts of my face to identify my skin type as well as other characteristics. These were the main points:
1- My skin is definitely dry and not combination as I thought. 
2- My skin elasticity is not very high due to dryness. 
3- There is a slight pigmentation on my skin, it's not visible but she recommended using an SPF of 50.
4- My pores are normal in size and my skin is acne free. (Thumbs up)
5- My skin is highly sensitive and requires special care.

She suggested using the Cucumber and Rose Water toner after cleansing my face so i purchased this product myself. Finally, I was given a complimentary full size sun screen oil SPF 50 as well as a few moisturiser samples. 

1- Cucumber & Rose Water Skin Toner 120ml (AED 99):
I have a love/hate relationship with toners as sometimes I feel they are not that effective, but Considering that my skin is very sensitive I decided to give this toner a shot. It's supposed to have calming/soothing properties that will visibly refresh and clear the skin. Also, it does not contain parabens or alcohol so it won't strip or over dry your skin. Instead it contains Himalayan spring water as one of its main ingredients which is well know for its skin healing benefits. I always suffer from redness after cleansing my face so this toner reduced this issue prominently and it does indeed feel refreshing and moisturising. Many of you might ask why don't you just use normal rose water? This product has other potent ingredients such as cucumber extract and glycerin (to name a few) that works better than using rose water on its own. I highly recommend this toner to people with normal/dry/sensitive skin type. 

2- Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil SPF 50 120ml (AED 145):
The idea of applying an oil as sun protection might not sound very appealing to many people. However, after using this product religiously for the past couple of weeks I was totally sold. It is supposed to offer a board spectrum filter that protects agains UVA and UVB whilst leaving the skin hydrated. It has a mild smell to it but nothing over-powering or overly annoying. The formula does not contain sulphates or soap and neither leaves white marks on the face nor does it feel greasy. However, I suggest using only one pump as a start to avoid applying too much. It is fast absorbing and feels very comfortable under makeup unlike other sunscreens that might feel heavier. This oil also comes in SPF 30 and they have a lotion version if you are not fond the texture. 

3- Nutmeg and Sunflower Oil Face 24 Hours Cream -Sample (Full size priced at AED189):
One of the most common issues with face creams is the inability to hydrate the skin for a long time. This cream promises rejuvenating the skin and keeping it deeply moisturised all night as It contains effective ingredients such as: sunflower oil, nutmeg, citrus and clove. It smells a little nutty probably because of nutmeg but it doesn't really disturb me. The consistency is thicker than most creams, it takes quite a while to get absorbed into the skin but this is a guarantee that your skin will stay hydrated for a long time. The product is suitable for all skin types and doesn't feel greasy on the skin. To be honest, other than hydrating my skin till the following day I haven't noticed anything miraculous so I would put it under the "okay" category. 

4- Aloe vera, Sweet Almond and Apricot Oil cream -Sample (Full size priced at AED159):
This cream is suitable for normal/dry/sensitive skin types, it is supposed to nourish the skin while leaving it nurtured and soothed. Unlike the nutmeg cream this one feels much lighter in consistency and it smells of apricots. I prefer applying this cream in the morning as it's fast absorbing and using the nutmeg cream at night since its long lasting. However, this one gives the skin a dewy glow unlike the nutmeg cream which looks more matte. Again, I would put this cream under the "Okay" category because I haven't noticed anything extra special on my skin. 

Overall opinion:
Herbal Essentials is one of the well-known natural/organic skincare brands in the market (They do not test on animals as well). Their products were designed to perform the usual tasks (e.g. tone, moisturise, cleanse.. etc). As mentioned before, I haven't noticed a huge difference on my skin but I'm more curious to try out their ant-aging creams. So to sum everything up, if you are looking for a simple skincare routine with no complicated ingredients or harsh chemicals then I highly suggest trying out products by this brand. The prices are relatively affordable comparing to other brands and they are very accessible in the UAE.

Note: Available in well-know pharmacies across UAE and don't forget to check their new kiosk at Mercato mall!

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