Friday, November 4, 2016

Review: Under The Mistletoe Box By Lush Cosmetics

Last month, I was invited to the opening of a new branch for Lush cosmetics - it's located at Citywalk Dubai. Not only was I very thrilled to attend my first ever Lush event, I was also excited to try out their latest holiday products as well as discover the exclusive new stations at this particular branch. Generously, I have received "Under The Mistletoe" which is one of their gift boxes sold in store and today i'm going to share with you my thoughts on each and every product.
The Citywalk branch was pretty spacious comparing to other stores across the UAE. The staff were very friendly, knowledgable and extremely excited to show you around the different sections/items in store. Every 15-20 minutes they would ask all the guests to gather around the demonstration sink to throw in a bath bomb; let me tell you nothing more satisfying than watching one of these explode and convert the water into a colourful mess! Moreover, they have a brand new hair lab area in which they offer various hair treatments using their products. (If I'm not mistaken, prior booking might be required). Lastly, they have created a new station called "Gorilla perfume lounge" in which one of their staff will ask you questions and get to know your personality before suggesting scents that you might like based on your answers. 

Without further ado lets start with the review (No, this is not me trying to rhyme!):

1- Sugar Plum Fairy - Lip Scrub (AED 60/25g):
This is one of the most delicious smelling lip scrubs I have ever used. It smells/tastes like one of these sugar coated candies - very tempting to eat! It contains sugar to exfoliate all the dead skin or crustiness that might be lying on the top of your lips. It does contain hydrating ingredients though such as Jojoba oil and sweet orange oil; which won't leave your lips dry/irritated. However, It's always recommended to use a lip balm after using any type of lip scrub. Lastly, a small amount of this product will do the job, so this small pot will last you for ages!

2- Rub Rub Rub - Shower Scrub (AED 100/350g):
It's not my first time trying out this body scrub as I have purchased it once in the past. It's rich with sea salt, lemon juice and floral jasmine which helps eliminate dead skin while smelling lovely at the same time. It's more gritty than most of the body scrubs in the market but that only helps exfoliate the skin properly and leave it very smooth. On the other hand, I wouldn't suggest using it if you have cuts or wounds as the salt/lemon might cause irritation or sting. Otherwise, it's one of the best natural body scrubs in the market and highly recommended. 

3- Snow Fairy - Body Conditioner (AED 145/225g):
I'm a huge fan of in-shower body conditioners as my skin gets very dry/itchy after using warm water. This conditioner is pink in colour, smells like bubble gum and makes your skin feel very smooth without feeling overly sticky. Spread a small amount over the dry areas of your body, rinse it off with water and you are ready to go! Highly recommended to use after body scrubs to calm and moisturise the skin. As you can see in the image below it is well loved!

4- Twilight - Shower Gel (Not sure about price):
The colour of this shower gel is dark purple so i'm immediately a big fan! It smells of calming lavender ; my favourite scent in any body product. The formula is lightweight yet it lathers a lot in the shower leaving your body clean and moisturised. I'm not sure if this product is only limited to this gift box as I couldn't find it being sold separately on the website.

5- Shooting Stars - Soap (AED 37/100g):
I'm not a huge fan of soaps neither for showering nor for hands but this one was an exception. It's infused with star fruit puree, lime and bergamot so it smells heavenly! It has shimmer particles in it which is not my cup of tea if i'm being honest, so I'm currently using it on my hands only. It is not the most moisturising bar of soap but it does clean my hand very well and  leave it smelling nice. I generally recommend using hand cream after soaps.

6- Fairy Dust - Dusting Powder (AED 65/40g):
This is a skin smoothing powder with lots of pink shimmer. The idea behind this product did not sound very appealing to me at the beginning until I actually tried it. Apply a small amount across your body for a softening/sparkly effect - very appropriate for events and festivals. I personally like to apply it on my arms, legs or collar bones during special occasions for an extra glamorous look.

Overall opinion: 
I'm totally in love with "Under The Mistletoe" box and highly recommend it if you're looking for a nice holiday gift for your loved ones or even to pamper yourself! Every single product inside the box is delicious, high quality and  I can totally see myself repurchasing them again and again. 

Note: Under The Mistletoe is priced at AED 350 and can be found at all Lush cosmetics stores across the UAE.

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