Monday, December 26, 2016

Review: Dermalogica Products

It's hard to believe that we are only 5 days away from new year's, in fact this might be my last blog post before I kiss 2016 goodbye! This year has been an absolute roller coaster for me; so many ups and downs in terms of life,health, frienships and work. Speaking of the "Ups", getting to experience a tremendous amount of products/brands was definitely one of my favourite things to do this year. I was invited to an event by Dermalogica and Glambox last month, in which they have teamed up to educate bloggers on their best selling products and facials. 
IonActive System:
The IonActive system was one of the highlights of the Dermalogica event; it combines thermal activity and the latest treatment room technology to optimise product penetration for dramatically improved skin. As we all know, not everyone has got the time to implement skin treatments on regular basis, but challenging skin conditions such as: premature ageing, acne and dehydration often requires more potent techniques in order to show prominent results. For this reason Dermalogica has developed the IonActive power treatment which allows you to receive an intensified facial in only 45 minutes without any noticeable discomfort. Obviously, the treatment will be performed by highly trained therapists; a skin mapping analysis will be carried out beforehand to determine which key active concentrates will be used on your skin. So, what should you expect after the treatment?
It all depends on your skin condition and how often you will be receiving this treatment, but the instant results will be:
- Revived and refreshed skin.
- Brighter and youthful looking skin.
- Fewer visible lines and wrinkles.
- Fewer visible breakouts.
- Improved texture and skin tone.
After the treatment, the therapist will recommend a skincare regimen to maintain the results and will suggest the frequency of receiving the IonActive treatment according to your skin condition. 

Now on to the review of the products I have received in my press kit:

1- Charcoal Rescue Mask (75ml):
This is an active, easy to remove mask for dull and tired skin. It is supposed to powerfully absorb impurities and promote cell turnover for brighter skin. After cleansing, the mask should be applied generously to the skin and left for 7-10 minutes until it dries completely -Then rinsed off using water. The mask feels very cold when first applied to the skin, after a few minutes it starts to give a tingling sensation which means the product has been activated. It smells a little earthy just like any other charcoal mask and it has a very dark grey colour. Most charcoal/mud mask stimulate blood circulation of the face, so your face might be extremely red after rinsing it off. However, make sure you apply a soothing toner or rose water afterwards and the redness should be gone in an hour's time. This masks instantly brightened my face as it has exfoliating properties, it absorbed any gunk lying on the surface of my skin and gave it a healthy glow. I can't advise how many times a week to use this product, but it's definitely a pick-me-up mask whenever your skin is lacklustre or tired.

2- Hydrablur Primer (22ml):
This is a lightweight primer that is supposed to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, mattify against oil shine and gives the skin a silky luminous finish. The product had no scent or whatsoever and it looks like a typical face cream. My first impression on this primer was it definitely spreads on the skin nicely and mattifies the skin. Also, it managed to fill in the expression lines that I have on my forehead so thumbs up for that. On the other hand, my skin type is dry side so I can only apply it on the areas where my foundation might move around through out the day (T-zone) and not on my entire face. Also, the product claims that it provides hydration and light, neutral coverage which I couldn't really detect as it blends out clear on my face and my skin did not feel moisturised. Overall, I think the hydrablur works better on oily or texturised skin for mattifying and smoothing purposes. 

3- Phyto Replenish Oil (30ml):
It's a feather-light treatment oil that strengthens the skin's natural barrier against ageing and environmental stress and free radical damage. Also, it is supposed to hydrate the skin by smoothing the appearance of fine lines. The product has a lovely Florissant scent that isn't too offensive or overpowering to the nose and the texture is clear just like any other oil. Always remember that with oils less is more, only 2-3 drops are sufficient for the entire face. (Add more drops if used on the neck too) I like to use this oil as a night serum before my moisturiser, it can also be used before makeup especially if you suffer from dehydrated skin. However, when used in the morning its really important to follow with sun protection to avoid skin damage. I have been using this oil for over a month now and can definitely notice a huge difference on the texture/elasticity of my skin. Highly recommend this product for people with dry skin as it helps minimise dryness and protect the skin. 

Prices of products are as follow: 
AED 215 Charcoal mask
AED 222 Hydrablur Primer
AED 329 Phyto Oil
Available at all well-know pharmacies, Dermalogica spas and

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