Monday, December 12, 2016

Review: Maria Galland Skincare Products

French pharmacy products has always been my personal favourite; always based on sound research and gives prominent results. Maria Galland Paris has recently launched a huge range of skincare products in the UAE with more than 50 years of experience and success in the European markets. Luckily, I was invited to an event organised by the brand and got to discover the science behind it and the various skin solutions they have in store.
It all started in the sixties when Maria Galland developed a unique skincare concept with the help of dermatologists and beauty experts. She launched a beauty advisory service in which she offered custom made treatment programmes that targeted the different needs of individuals. Then, she found her first research laboratories and production facilities which resulted in opening her first beauty salon offering products/treatments under her own name. Today, her products are being used at more than 10,000 beauty salons, beauty farms, spas in over 40 countries. Despite using only a couple of products from this brand, my experience has been nothing but positive. Without any further ado lets start the review..

1- Soin Protecteur Visage (Sun protection for face SPF50):
It's a high performance anti-ageing sun protection specially formulated for extra sensitive skin types. Containing an SPF of 50 offers optimal protection against UV radiation and lasts for a long time. It comes in a vibrant yellow squeezy tube which is common for a sun protecting product. The texture of this product looks like typical sun screens; white, creamy and have a very mild scent. However, it blends much easier than other sun protection products and doesn't look as ghostly on the face. This makes it ideal to wear under makeup because the formula is not at all heavy. Moreover, I felt that it lasted for a good 3-4 hours on my face unlike other products which has to be re-applied every 2 hours. On the other hand, if you're not a big fan of high protection this product also comes in SPF 30 and 25. 

2- Essence 001 Caviar (2.5 ml):
It's an exclusive caviar extract containing fatty acids, lipids, minerals and proteins which all aid in cell renewal. Also, it is supposed to be an alternative for hyluronate and collagen injections as it firms the skin, lifts it and reduces wrinkles over time. It comes in a small glass flacon, the product is not so runny so the opening on top still allows you to control the amount of product dispensed easily. The first thing I noticed about this product is the strong scent which might not be everyone's cup of tea. I was also surprised that it doesn't smell like caviar considering that its the main active ingredient. The texture felt like a face oil so I rubbed a slightly small amount between my palms and applied it all over my face. I found that it was absorbed in less than a couple of seconds which means that you have to work fast with such products. The essence instantly smoothed my face, filled in the expression lines on my forehead and didn't look greasy. It might feel slightly sticky when first applied but essences should always be followed by a moisturizer. The brand offers other essences targeting various skin concerns in which you can mix and match according to your needs.

Overall opinion:
The sun protection and face essence were a great introduction to Maria Galland as a brand. I enjoyed using the simple yet effective products and I'm curious to try other items from this brand. I highly recommend trying out their different ranges if you're a fan of French pharmacy brands. 

Note: Maria Galland Products are available at Health First Pharmacies. 

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