Sunday, December 18, 2016

Review: Paese Cosmetics

When it comes to drugstore products, the market in Dubai is definitely not saturated as we discover new ones every year. Paese cosmetics is one that I came across recently after attending a bloggers event at their headquarters. The Polish brand has been many makeup artists' preference around Europe for so many years as they specialise in professional makeup, nail products and cosmetic tools. Today, their products are easily accessible around the middle east region and many countries around the world.
This post is probably going to be long as I have around 5 products to review by Paese cosmetics. Thus, please grab a snack/drink and make yourself comfortable while reading this article! Also, I wanted to mention that all the products to be mentioned were kindly gifted to me at the event and some of them are in sample size. However, the prices highlighted at the end will be for the full size products just to make your life easier. 

1- Sebum Control Mattifying and Covering Foundation (30ml-Full size):
The foundation is designed for oily/combination skin; the water based formula allows the skin to breathe freely and prevents the formation of blackheads and pimples. I used one pump of this foundation, it covered my entire face and it seemed to blend nicely. There is a very mild smell to this product which isn't too offensive, but scent-free products are always preferable. I would say the coverage is medium (buildable), it evens out the skin tone and stays on for a long time. However, it did not look as flattering on my dry skin type and spraying a lot of fixing spray was not helpful as well. If your skin is more on the oily/combination side then you might enjoy this product more than myself. 

2- Illuminating and Covering Powder (Full size):
The powder is designed for dry/normal skin, it combines the smoothness of a powder and covering properties of a foundation giving the skin an illuminated finish. The powder has both colour and coverage to it, so it should be used sparingly over foundation to avoid looking cakey. When used on its own over a hydrating primer/moisturiser - it gives a nice natural finish to the skin. However, the coverage is very light so if you have problematic skin, it might not be enough to conceal acne/spots. On the other hand, if you have minor blemishes they can be spot-concealed before going in with this powder. The product lasted quite well on my skin as the weather is quite pleasant, but its staying power during hot weather is still a question mark. Overall, it's an "okay" powder for people with normal skin but it needs to be used the right way. 

3- Long Cover Fluid Foundation (Sample):
The product is designed for dry/normal skin with an ultra lightweight consistency that perfectly hides imperfections and keeps the face looking fresh/radiant throughout the day. The product blended on the skin nicely giving a semi-dewy medium (buildable) coverage. The formula was a better match for my skin type, it evens out the complexion and stays put the entire day. On hot summer days you might want to powder your T-zone to avoid fading/shifting of the product. Overall, this was one of my favourite products by Paese cosmetics and highly recommend it for anyone with dry/normal skin.

4- Diamond/Pearl Eye Shadows (Refills): 
These shadows contain over 50% of natural pearl combined with beeswax to provide a creamy metallic sparkle. I received two different colours from this range: a purple trio combined in one pan and a sparkly off-white colour. (Apologies for not mentioning the shade names as they were not mentioned on the packaging) The eye shadows contain a high amount of glitter which affects the smoothness of the formula and makes it more chunky. Unfortunately, the purple trio looked all the same on the lid and it wasn't possible to create any dimension to the eyes using the different shades. The white colour seemed to emphasis any texture on my eyelid which is definitely not the desired effect. I have to admit these shadows were my least favourite from Paese cosmetics. 

5- Blush with Argan Oil (Refill):
The blush is deal to emphasis the cheekbones and provide a more youthful appearance. The shade I received is a matte pale pink which I thought might not be visible on the skin. However, it blended on my skin like a dream and gave my cheekbones a very beautiful flush. Also, it seemed to stay on the entire day without fading or separating so thumbs up for that. Again, this was one of my favourite products among the items in my goodie bag. 

Overall Opinion: 
I think Paese falls under the "okay" category among other drugstore brands. My favourite products were the long fluid foundation and the blush with Argan oil so I suggest you give them a try whenever you pass by Paese counters. On the other hand, I think the quality of shadows were not up to my standards and they definitely need to improve the quality for better results. Price-wise, the products are very affordable comparing to others but it needs to expand to bigger malls in Dubai. I'm curious to try other products by paese such as : loose pigments and lip colours as I heard they are really good, will definitely keep you updated whenever I try them our.

Note: Prices are as follow:
- Sebum Control Foundation AED89
- Long Fluid Foundation AED69
- Illuminating Powder AED68
- Pearl Eyeshadow AED 25 ,  Diamond Trio AED 39
- Blush with Argan Oil AED25

** Available at Ibn Batuta Mall (Persian Section), Century Mall, Matajer Al Qouz Mall

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