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Review: Bourjois Eye Products

It's true that eyes are the window to the soul and as beauty addict i like to decorate mine with makeup! Bourjois has always been my favourite brand of affordable makeup as the quality is comparable with luxury brand but the price is more pocket friendly.  The brand has released a new range all about eyes which includes: Mascaras, eyeliners, eye brow products and even pencil highlighters. I was kindly sent a few products from the range to try, the goodies have been well loved by yours truly and today's post will give you an insight about the items as well as first impression review.
As ever, the products mentioned today were sent to me by the PR of Bourjois middle east but all opinions are my own.

1- Twist up the volume Mascara Black Balm (AED 84):
This mascara is revolutionary in terms of design, as the upper part can be twisted to transform the shape of the wand for two different finishes. Position one will provide a thin long wand for length and separation, while position two has a shorter/chubbier wand that boosts up the volume of the lashes. Also, the formula is distinct than any other as the balmy texture is supposed to glide on the lashes easily while offering a thicker texture, hence the volume. My first impression of the mascara was:
- The formula is very smooth and coats all lashes from the roots.
- Each wand can be used separately for length/volume only effect but using them together gives the best effect. 
- Applying only 2 coats of each wand if you don't like clumpy/spidery lashes. (Otherwise, you can go to town with it!)
- Colour is extremely black. (Love that!) 
- The wands are indeed effective in terms of giving both volume, lengths and separation.
- Mascara is not waterproof yet it doesn't flake off or smudge during the day. 
- Formula is safe and does not irritate the eyes. 
Overall, I'm extremely amazed by the formula and design of this mascara as it totally transforms the eyes. I would have loved if the mascara gave my lashes a nice curl as my lashes are extremely straight and I always have to use a lash curler beforehand. Otherwise, I highly recommend giving this product a try if you're on the hunt for an all-in-one mascara.

(Position 1)
(Position 2)
2- Brow Design Mascara (AED 49):
The product is supposed to comb, define and hold the brows in place. It comes in three different shades to match all skin tones as well as a clear one , the colours are: Blonde, Chestnut, Brown and Transparent. The shade I have is brown which is the darkest shade and it is suitable for brunettes or anyone with dark hair in general. The wand of this mascara is long and thin which makes the process of combing eye brows faster. The formula is neither very wet nor does the brush pick up a lot of product which means you can easily build it up and don't have to constantly rub off the excess. The shade is a perfect match for my hair colour (Dark Brown) but it needs to be used sparingly or it might make the brows look black. I prefer using this mascara on it's own as it's more than enough to give my brows a hint of colour and define them. However, if you prefer more sharp brows you can use a pencil to outline the shape first, then apply the mascara. Moreover, I have noticed that it doesn't make your brows feel crusty or stiff which is a common problem with most eye brow mascaras. Overall, the product does a great job in keeping my brows in place the entire day, makes them look fuller and gives an effortless shape/definition. 

3- Sourcil Precision Eyebrow Pencil (AED 39):
The pencil is supposed to have a powder finish with the precision of a wax. It comes in two shades to match the skin tone and hair colour (Chestnut and Brown). Once again, the shade I have is brown which is the darkest out of the two. The formula of the pencil is quite smooth and glides on the skin easily drawing precise lines for a sharp/clean look. I use it to outline the inner part of the brows, the arch and to fill in any gaps. The product should be used with a light hand as the colour is slightly intense and it should be brushed through the brows properly using a spooli. Obviously, it can be followed by the brow mascara to set it in place. However, I use it alone and it seems to hold on pretty well without fading or smudging. 

Overall opinion:
The Bourjois eye range is definitely one of the best ranges I have used in a long time. The quality of each and every product is excellent and I can totally see myself repurchasing them again. Also, there is a liquid eyeliner and a 2 in 1 brow pencil in the range which I'm currently eyeing and will put them on my shopping list the next time I go shopping. I highly recommend trying the above mention items if you're on the hunt for affordable eye products.

Note: Prices are mentioned next to the name of each product. Bourjois can be found at the following outlets: Lifestyle, MAX, Boots and Wojooh.

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