Friday, January 6, 2017

Review: Izil Products

Many of us invest tremendous amounts of money every year seeking the best skincare products. As a beauty addict myself, I have spent the equivalent of a car instalment on various skin items, which might have contained harsh substances and didn't necessarily do anything miraculous to my skin. Nowadays, many emerging brands are encouraging going back to basics by adding nothing but natural ingredients in their products and implementing recipes inherited from ancestors/grandparents. One of these brands is "Izil" who kindly invited me last month to visit their new kiosk in Dubai Mall and discover the ancient secrets of Moroccan beauty. 
About the brand/kiosk visit:
The word "Izil" itself means pure as the products contain solely organic plant extracts, essential oils and herbs. The formulations are free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives and Parabens as they believe the most potent ingredients comes from mother nature. During my visit to the kiosk I was introduced to the vast range of products by the owner of the brand herself. she explained how in Moroccan community women prepared their own beauty recipes at home using simple household items. Not only do these natural beauty blends improve skin, body and hair - they also proven to promote the overall wellbeing of individuals. The face section had handmade soaps, liquid cleansers, toners, scrubs, moisturisers and masks. Each face product is designed to solve common skin concerns such as: dryness, acne, wrinkles, pigmentation etc.. (Assistants at the kiosk will help you choose the right items based on your skin type/problem). The body section has soaps, scrubs, whitening masks and even slimming products. Moreover, the hair section has products that tackle important hair issues such as: hair loss, dandruff, damage, greasiness or dryness. Lets not forget about the Hammam essentials, herbs and pure oils in which you can buy by weight in large quantities and create your own blends. Highly recommend passing by the store personally and experiencing the products at the special demonstration area. 

Now, lets move on to the products I have received after my visit..

1- Green Tea Antioxidant Body Scrub (200 gr):
It is supposed to exfoliate dead skin, soften, brighten and improve the skin texture. It is one of their best selling products and the main ingredients in this body scrub are: Green Tea, Organic Argan oil and Aloevera. The scrub is green/brown and it smells of green tea which proves the products is very raw. It contains exfoliating beads that are fine comparing to other body scrubs so it doesn't scratch the skin. My first impression after using was:
- Skin feels silky smooth.
- No redness/irritation detected. (Aloevera is know for soothing properties)
- Skin looks instantly brighter.
- Skin is hydrated. (Because of Organic Argan Oil)
- Smell of Green Tea is calming.
The product is recommended twice a week for best results and suitable even for very sensitive skin types. I have been enjoying using this body scrub as it has dramatically improved the texture and condition of my skin. Highly recommend trying this product for its exfoliating and antioxidant properties while having no side effects.

2- 100% Pure Argan oil (100ml):
This is another best selling product by Izil, the oil is unique to limited places of Morocco and well known for its nourishing, youth-enhancing properties as it contains 3 times as much vitamin E than any other oil. For many years Berber women used this liquid gold (Argan oil) to nourish their hair, soften hands and protect skin against environmental damage/ageing. Personally, I have been mixing it with coconut oil/castor oil then apply it as a hair mask and the result was impeccable; my hair is now more shiny, smooth and less damaged. Also, I like to use it as face serum especially during night time as it sinks into the skin better than normal moisturisers and leaves it hydrated till next morning. Not to mention using it as a body moisturiser for maximum nourishment and shine. Here are some of the other uses of Argan Oil:
- Soothing inflamed sensitive skin.
- Repairing Damaged Hair.
- Intensive cuticle and nails treatment.
- Preventing stretch marks.
- Safe moisturiser for babies.
I highly suggest investing in a bottle of Argan oil as it's a multi-purpose product that can be used on its own or mixed with other ingredients for special blends.

Overall opinion:
"Izil" as a brand has proven to me that daily beauty rituals doesn't have to be complicated and can be achieved using simple natural products. Based on my personal experience, the products were quite potent and showed prominent results in a very short time. Unlike other brands that use chemical substances that both harmful on the long run and take ages to work. I'm curious to try other products by this brand such as: face/body masks, toners and hammam products. Highly recommend giving Izil products a try as natural is always better!

Note: Prices of products are as follow:
- Green Tea Body Scrub AED 165
- Pure Argan Oil (100ml) AED 250 - Also comes in 50ml and 500ml sizes.
Kiosk is Available at Dubai Mall or you can buy them online here.

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