Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review: Caudalie Vinosource Range

I'm the kind of girl who gets bored of using the same products over and over, so switching up a couple of products every month has become a habit of mine. Also, using products smartly is a virtue that I learned through the past few years and noticed a positive change on my skin. Recently, I have been testing two products by Caudalie from the Vinosource range and today's review will be all about my experience with them. 
In case you're not familiar with Caudalie, it's a French-made cosmetics brand that was found over 20 years ago in the vineyards of Bordeaux, in which grape water was utilised for it's anti-oxidant and hydrating properties to develop this skincare line. Vinosource products are supposed to hydrate, strengthen, soothe and nourish the skin. The range is free from Parabens, mineral oils, Phynoxyethanol, sulphates, sodium and animal ingredients. 

Without any further adieu let's jump into the review..

1- Vinosource Moisturising Matifying Fluid (40ml):  

The fluid is supposed to be lightweight in texture with matifying effect, yet has a long-lasting effect with sebum control properties. Also, it claims the ability to reactivate skin hydrating mechanisms and locking in the moisture. It should give the skin a velvety matte finish and considered the perfect fit for combination skin types all year around. It comes in a beautiful pink tube with a nozzle that makes dispensing the product easy and contained. As the name suggests, it's a fluid which means the texture is not as thick as normal face moisturisers. I expected the product to smell of grapes considering that it's the main ingredient, but it was more earthy and grass-like. The scent isn't the most flattering but at the same time it isn't overpowering or offensive. My observations on this product are as follow:
- It definitely soothes the skin and does not cause irritation. 
- My skin instantly felt smoother and softer. 
- The fluid is fast absorbing and matifies the skin in no time.
- Works as a good base before makeup. 
- Does not leave any white marks or streaks on the skin. 
- Easy to distribute on the face. 
The product would work better on people with combination/oily skin as mine is on the dry side at the moment, so highly recommend it if you have the respective skin type. Also, during hot summer days this fluid will be extremely handy as it won't feel heavy or sticky on the skin. Thus, I'm currently using it as a smoothing primer before makeup because of its feathery light texture. 

2- Vinosource S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum (30ml):

The serum is supposed to capture and diffuse the water deeply within the skin to restore the moisture balance leaving it soft and fresh. The product shall be used like any other serum; after cleansing and before moisturising with a cream. The original product comes in a transparent bottle with a pump which is both convenient and hygienic. (The tube i'm using is the sample size)
My observations were as follow:
- The product smells almost identical to the moisturiser.
- The texture is runny, lightweight and easy to distribute on the face.
- Instantly nourishes and smoothes the skin.
- Makes the skin look radiant and healthy. 
- Can also be used to prep the skin before makeup.
I quite liked the texture of this serum as the hydrating effect was more prominent comparing to the moisturiser. Pairing both products might not be ideal as each one of them functions differently, the serum boosts hydration while the moisturiser matifies and balances the skin. That being said, other products in the range might compliment each product separately and form a better skincare routine. 

Overall opinion:

Caudalie is still one of my favourites and i'm always up for trying new ranges by this brand as the products are of good quality. The moisturiser is decent in terms of doing what it claims but my skin requires a heavy duty cream during these cold winter days. On the other hand, I'm enjoying the serum underneath my daily moisturiser as it improved the condition of my skin. I might try out other products from the Vinosource range such as: Intense recovery cream and overnight recovery oil as they sound like a good match for my skin. Finally, I highly recommend giving this line a try as it's all natural and delivers good results. 

Note: Prices are as follow: 

Matifying Moisturiser priced at AED 143
Thirst-Quenching Serum priced at AED 178
Available at well-known pharmacies and

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