Monday, June 19, 2017

Review: Filorga NCTF range

Let's all agree that we're not getting younger and the need for reliable, effective skincare products is immense. If you've been following my blog for a while, you would know i'm a big fan of the Filorga Skin-Absolute day cream and i call it my holy grail moisturiser. That being said, I have always been intrigued to try other products by this brand to find out if they're just as good. I was lucky enough to try the new NCTF Reverse, which is an intense anti-ageing range and today's post will be all about my experience with this line for the past few months.
As mentioned earlier, the NCTF is an anti-ageing cellular range developed by Filorga's laboratories to mimic the effect of Meso injections. The products contain potent active ingredients such as: Hyalluronic Acid, collagen, Vitamin A, E and H. The combination of these ingredients visibly smoothes wrinkles, evens out skin tone and unveils more radiant skin. I have been using the range fore more than three months and now I can happily share my honest opinion about each product.

1- NCTF Essence:
Many have debated on the importance of an essence in a skincare routine and whether it's an important step. To be honest, I have only used one essence before from a Korean brand and it hasn't made any difference on my skin. The NCTF essence is a regenerating lotion to help prepare the skin before applying intense skincare products. It's supposed to be applied right after cleansing the skin and prior to applying serums and moisturisers. The product comes in this generously sized  transparent bottle and the product itself is pale pink. The formula is lightweight allowing the skin to absorb it almost instantly and leaves the skin quite soft. I like to apply a few drops between my palms, rub it together and apply it all over of my face. Some like to dispense the essence on a cotton pad first, then apply it all over but these might absorb most of the product and waste it. From the moment I started using this essence I have noticed an improved skin texture, as it helps soften, smooth and slightly firm the skin. Also, It lightly hydrates the skin prepping it before applying other products as well as makeup. 

2- NCTF Intensive Serum:
This is the second step after the essence and it's the hero product from the NCTF range. The intense serum contains Retinol combined with DNA complex and vitamin C to fight wrinkles and firm the skin. The serum comes in regular and matte forms to match all skin types, I went for the regular type as I have dry skin at the moment. Let's take a moment and appreciate the elegant looking bottle, which also comes with a pump for ease of use and to prevent wasting product. The formula of this serum is lightweight, fast absorbing and leaves the skin nicely hydrated. After application, it instantly fills any visible lines leaving the skin smooth like a canvas. It helps boost the hydration level of the skin leaving the skin looking healthy and radiant.

3- NCTF Reverse Cream:
This is the final step of the NCTF skincare range and it complements the other two products. It contains the same potent ingredients that help reduce signs of ageing and improves the texture of the skin. It comes in a silver pot similar in colour to the serum along with a spatula to help scoop out the product. The cream itself is pink in colour and it has a light fresh scent, which is common between all the products from this range. The formula of the cream is super creamy due to containing Shea butter as one of the main ingredients. It glides on the skin easily leaving it soft, smooth, hydrated and slightly matte. Also, you start noticing improvements on the look and feel of your skin within a month from using this cream, as well as the entire range, unlike any other skincare products. 

Overall opinion:
I have always been a fan of Filorga and have to say the NCTF range did not disappoint. I'm highly impressed by the performance of this range and the positive results I have noticed in a short period of time. I will definitely continue using Filorga products and I'm even more curious to try out masks by this brand. Highly recommend investing in such high quality products starting from the age of 25 and above to prevent early signs of ageing. The products are quite pricey but so is most of the anti-ageing products, except this one works! 

Note: Prices of the products are as follow:
NCTF Essence AED 300
NCTF Serum AED 495
NCTF Cream AED 495
All Filorga products are available on

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