Thursday, August 10, 2017

Review: Kat Von D Everlasting Lipliners

Kat Von D has always been one of my favourite brands for lipsticks - especially the Studded Kiss range and liquid lipsticks as they have a special place in my heart. In the past few years, I have become a lipliner kind of girl (thanks to my uneven lips *sobs internally*) as they help give my lips more definition and extend the wear of my lipsticks. So, when the Kat Von D PR team sent me 28 of the Everlasting lipliners - I was over the moon and couldn't help but play with all the vibrant colours in this collection. 

About the Everlasting lipliners:
The Everlasting lipliners were designed to be the perfect matches for the Studded kiss and Everlasting liquid lipsticks  - and the shade names are identical to make our life easier! The collection consists of 30 different shades including unconventional colours like green, blue and black - making it convenient for all makeup lovers and matching for all skin tones. Moreover, the liners and all Kat Von D's products are vegan, free from Paraben and hasn't been tested on animals.

The liners come in a retractable pencil form, which is my favourite type of packaging for lipliners as they don't require sharpening. Also, lets take a moment and appreciate that the colour of the packaging represents the actual shade of the lipliner. On the other hand, this type of liners is usually smooth and easy to break if pressed on the lips too hard - so you would need to be careful not to push the product too hard.

The formula of these lip liners is extremely smooth, it glides on the lips like a dream and looks opaque from the first application. It gives a subtle matte finish and doesn't feel drying on the lips - but its recommended to exfoliate the lips before using these liners to guarantee a seamless application. The formula is waterproof so it stays on the lips quite well, even when its worn alone, but it looks even better underneath lipsticks to intensify it's colour and prolong the wear of it. The formula was designed to be used with both regular and liquid lipsticks, so thumbs up for that.The nude shades are perfect for everyday wear and cater all skin tones - my favourite ones are: LoveCraft, OG Lolita, Muse and Bow N Arrow. I'm also crazy about the red shades, ranging from very bright to vampy reds and are perfect for a sultry and bold look - My favourite reds are: Outlaw, X, Rosary and Vampira. Not to mention the amazing oranges in the collection, which i'm totally obsessed with this summer like: A-Go-Go and Smiths. The purples, blue, green and black can easily be used to create Halloween looks or used on the eye, as I have tried using them in the place of eyeliners and they are totally eye safe. Here are swatches of all the shades for your reference:

Overall opinion:
I'm highly impressed by the quality of these liners and how they performed on my lips. These are quite versatile, they can be used to compliment Kat Von D lipsticks or any other brand of lipsticks. These will help extend the wear of lip products and serve as the perfect guideline for you lipstick application. If you're on the hunt for high performance lipliners with a huge shade range, then you should definitely check the Everlasting collection.

Note: The Everlasting lipliners are available at all Sephora stores across UAE and retail for AED 90 each.

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