Friday, February 23, 2018

Review: Catrice Cosmetics

I didn't expect myself to keep my promise and write another brand review this week - but here I am amazing myself once again! Today's review is about Catrice cosmetics, which is a drugstore brand that I have been eyeing for a while and finally got around trying it in the past couple of months. Tati (Youtuber) has always been raving about this brand, saying they are of good quality and can server as dupes for high end products - and today I will be sharing with you my hits and misses from this brand. 

As you might know, I hate writing long paragraphs about the history of brand - because most of you are probably just curious to know if the products are good or not. However, for those of you who like to know origins of brands - this is an affordable makeup brand that started in Germany in the year 2004 and now owns more than 50 stores around the world, including the US.  Also, all Catrice products are cruelty free and were never tested on animals. The packaging of these products is made of plastic and it all looks very simple - but considering the price point of these products I wouldn't expect anything too fancy.

This blog post is not sponsored in any shape or form, as all the products were bought in my own money and all opinions are my own. Now lets dive into the review!

1- Catrice The Nude Blossom Eye Shadow Palette 010 (AED 21):
This eye shadow palette contains 7 matte shades along with 2 highlighting and contouring shades on the top corners. The bottom shades are supposed to be highly pigmented and provide colour to the lids while the shades on top are supposed to enhance the look by creating more definition to the eyes. I chose the blossom palette because I like hues of pinks and purples in general - but there are another 5 palettes with different hues like browns, golds and greys.The texture of these shadows are quite powdery and this causes some fall out - so you need to be careful and use a shadow shield or tap the excess product from your brushes when applying. The shadows are super easy to blend and provide a nice and soft gradient when blended out. Also, these tend to last on the eyes the whole day without fading or creasing. However, these are not as pigmented as they claim to be, as the more I tried to build the shades to intensify the look - they still remained natural and soft. I can't say this product is bad as you can still create lovely day time looks with this palette, but these are not the most pigmented eye shadows you will ever find in the drug store. So, lets just say this was not the best product by this brand.

2- Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder in 010 Light Infusion (AED 18):
This is one of these baked highlighter with ultra light mineral texture. It is supposed to give a soft radiant look to the skin and the shade I chose is somewhere between silver and gold. I have looked up on their website to see if this comes in any other shades, but this was the only shade mentioned and I'm not sure if this shade would suit every skin tone. If you swatch this shade by hand you feel like its a little gritty and powdery. However, once applied this highlighter on your skin using a brush you will be blown away! This gives the most beautiful radiant glow to the skin and I can definitely compare this to high end products. I like the buildability of this products as you can always apply more if you want to and it won't look too blinding from the first application. I understand that many of you might like intense highlighter, but I prefer something soft and buildable. This was one of my favourite products from Catrice cosmetics and I highly recommend if you're looking for an affordable highlighter.

3- Catrice Highlighting Eye Shadow - 020 Ray Of Lights (AED 12):
This is a soft gold single eye shadow, which can be used all over the lids or as an inner corner highlight. There are only 3 shades in the range of eye shadow and they are all highlighting shades such as silver, gold and rose gold. This eye shadow is highly pigmented but it has a little chunks of glitter so you would need to pack it on using your fingers or use a fixing spray on your brush. I'm a fan of these single eye shadows because they help enhance any eye look and I have tried using mine as cheek highlighter and it seemed to work just fine - but you can definitely see particles of glitter on your cheeks. So, if you're not a fan of glittery products then you might not like this eye shadow - but I really enjoy using it.

4- Catrice Long Lasting Lip Pencil - 070 (AED 8):
This is a waterproof pencil lip liner that is supposed to prevent lipstick from streaking and make it last longer. There are 8 shades in this range of lip liners and I chose this soft pink shade, as its my favourite shade for liners and goes with most pink and nude lipsticks. The texture of this lip liner is not the softest I have ever tried, If you have dry lips then this product will definitely cling to these areas and won't go as smooth. Also, I expected this to be more pigmented considering that pencil does not look that light in colour. However, once applied on my lips I realised it looks very sheer and barely showing on my lips. I'm not sure how I feel about this liner, because it does help make my lipstick stay longer but it doesn't have much pay off - so you wouldn't be able to wear it alone. I will have to say this was a miss because the formula and pigmentation are not great.

5- Catrice Multi Matte Blush - 010 Love, Rosie (AED 13):
This is a blush that has 4 different shades in one compact, you can use each shade individually or swirl your brush in all shades for a fresh and unique look. There are two blush compacts in this range, the one I chose is more suitable for light to medium complexions and the second one would look amazing on deep complexions. The blush is highly pigmented, it looks super lovely on my skin tone and it lasts all day without fading or separating. It blends on the skin like a dream and does not look blotch. Also, this blush is totally matte for those of you who don't like shimmery or glittery blushes. I highly recommend trying this blush if you're looking for pigmented yet affordable blushes. I wish there were more shades of this product as this will provide more choices to choose from

Overall Opinion:
I'm highly impressed by Catrice products and believe they are a great value for money. My favourite products were the highlighter, single eye shadow and blusher. That doesn't mean the remaining two products are bad, but they could have been better. I'm curious to try other products from this brand such as compact powders and concealers - as I heard great things about these two products. I highly recommend trying out Catrice products if you're on the hunt for affordable products with decent quality.

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