Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Review: Essence Makeup

I'm not sure how many times have I started a blog post with an apology for taking too long to post - but this is just another one! Life has been so hectic from my side and I barely find time to blog about anything - but I'll do my best to post more often. The good news is - I have been trying tons of products in the past month or so and hopefully some blog posts are coming your way. Today, I'm going to review products from one of my favourite drugstore brands, Essence cosmetics and I'll share with you my favourite and least favourite picks.

This is not my first time reviewing Essence products on my blog, as I did publish a post long time back but I talked about different picks that I like - which explains why I bought more products from this brand.

As indicated, I bought all the products in this blog post from my own money - so this review is not sponsored by the brand whatsoever. The brand is also super affordable so hopefully some of these products will serve as dupes for high end brands if you want to save some cash and or if you're on a budget.

1- Essence Mattifying Compact Powder (10 Light Beige):
I'm a big believer that drugstore compact powders work just as good as high end ones, hence why I never spend my money on basic mattifying powder. Apparently this powder comes in six shades and the names differ from one country to another! I went for the light beige and I have to admit I was worried it might be too light for me - but it was the perfect match. The powder is super finely milled and blends into the skin like a dream - eliminating any excess shine and giving the face a smooth finish. I Mostly use this powder on my T-zone to avoid getting shiny throughout the day and on rare cases I might just apply it on my entire face to help set my makeup in place for longer. Also, this does not add any coverage to your foundation - despite having different shades and it only works on mattifying your complexion. I'm highly impressed with this powder because it does what it claims without looking overly cakey or chalky. The only downside of this products is the poor packaging as the plastic lid broke after a couple of weeks from using.

2- Essence Stay All Day 16 hours long lasting concealer (10 Beige):
When it comes to concealers, buying drugstore ones can be a hit or miss and I had high hopes on this concealer. Packaging wise - this looks like any average drugstore concealer as it comes in a plastic tube and doe foot applicator. I'm not sure how many shades does this concealer come in, but the shade I chose was also a perfect match just like the powder. The formula went on my skin smoothly and it blended easily as well - but the coverage was extremely sheer and almost faded into nothing. Building up the concealer definitely added something but the overall coverage of this product was not great. That being said, I still use it whenever I'm not planning to wear much makeup or for no makeup-makeup looks.

3- Essence Blossom Dreams Velvet Lip Pencil (02 Coral):
This is one of those chubby lip pencils that you can apply all over your lips on its own or under your favourite lipsticks. I went for this coral shade for a change and I have to say this colour looks beautiful on the lips. The formula is velvety smooth as the name suggests and it does not settle in fine lines or make your lips look dry - unlike other lip liners. Even though this is a chubby liner, you can still shape your lips with it - if you sharpen it properly.This lip liner is great if you suffer with making your lipstick last for a long or if you're on the go and don't have time to apply layers of lip products. This product is definitely a hit for me and totally recommend it!

4- Essence Ultra Last Lip Liner (Rosewood High):
As you can tell I'm obsessed with lip liners and I decided to try another type by the same brand because more is more! This is a regular slim lip liner and it comes in six different shades - I obviously chose the rosewood shade because its my favourite shade of pink. The formula is super smooth just like the blossom dreams lip liner and the colour is extremely pigmented as well. This lip liner lasts for a long time on its own and under lip sticks - so thumbs up for that. The only downside of this product is the smell and taste, as its one of these lip products that tastes and smells a little yucky! However, I would still buy other shades from this lip liner because the formula and pigmentation is A+.

Top Swatch: Blossom Velvet Lip Liner
Bottom Swatch: Ultra Last Lip Liner

5- Essence Metals Eye Shadow (07 Vanilla Brilliance):
I'm not sure who was the YouTuber who made me buy this eye shadow, but this was totally an impulse purchase. I remember watching a video about this product and getting blown away by the pigment so I decided to give it a try - despite not needing anymore eye shadows! This comes in almost ten shades and I went for Vanilla Brilliance because you can never go wrong with a basic pearl white eye shadow. This eye shadow looks like baked products and it comes in a plastic container similar to the compact powder. The formula of this eye shadow is smooth and blends on the eyes easily. Also, the pigmentation is quite blinding so you need to be careful with how much you apply. The eye shadow stays on quite well but it has a little bit of fall out because its quite shimmery - so you would need a shadow shield when using this product. This can also be used as a highlighter for anyone who likes intense ones, but if you're a subtle highlighter kind of person then maybe stick to applying this on the eyes.

Overall opinion:
Once again, I'm highly impressed by the quality and affordability or Essence cosmetics and I would definitely buy other products by the brand. I fell in love with all the products and highly recommend them - except for the concealer because the coverage was quite sheer and such product is supposed to hide imperfections. Otherwise, I highly recommend trying out Essence products if you're looking for affordable products with good quality.

Note: All Essence products are available for purchase online on Souq.com

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