Friday, April 13, 2018

Review: Johnson & Johnson Even Complexion Range

Okay, so apologising for not writing a blog post for so long has become excessive and I should probably stop - because every time I promise to post weekly, it never seems to happen! Anyhow, today I'm back at you with a short and sweet review of the Johnson & Johnson Even Complexion range, which I haven't seen in the market before but I have been testing it for the past couple of weeks - as it promises results within 14 days. 

The Even Complexion range is geared towards individuals living the Middle East, as their skin is constantly exposed to heat, humidity and pollution - leading to major skin concerns such as pigmentation, uneven skin tone and blemishes. The main ingredients in this range are soy and red berry extracts that work to smooth and brighten the skin in just 14 days. The range includes four products in total and I will be reviewing three out of these four products. 

**Disclaimer: The Even Complexion range was sent to me by the PR team of Johnson & Johnson but all opinions mentioned in this post are my own.

1- Even Complexion Facial Wash (AED 25):
This face wash is supposed to be extremely gentle on the skin and claims to brighten, smooth the skin and make it look more radiant. This wash contains exfoliating beads and usually I try to stay away from such cleansers - as I find them quite abrasive on the skin. However, the amount of exfoliating beads in this cleanser was less comparing to other cleansers, so it did not feel as harsh on the skin. The cleanser has a strong and sweet scent, which many might not be every person's cup of tea but I find it quite flattering and refreshing. Also, I love the transparent package of this cleanser because you can monitor how much product is left in the tube. So, the real verdict about this cleanser is that it does clean the skin without stripping or making it feel dry. On the other hand, this does not remove your makeup so you would still need to use a makeup remover beforehand to breakdown any residue - so this is great as a second cleanser or as a morning cleanser when you don't have any makeup on and want your skin to look radiant and awake. I don't have uneven skin tone, but I do find this quite useful with blemishes as it helps reduce any marks causes by acne or occassional pimples.

2- Even Complexion Bar Soap (AED 3.10):
I was a little skeptical about using a bar soap as these sound a little ancient and are my least favourite means of cleansing. However, I decided to give this soap a try and see if its different from the soaps I used when I was younger. This soap is supposed to gently cleanse the skin without leaving it dry or stripped and it's supposed to be suitable for all skin types.The soap shares the same scent as the cleanser, which makes sense because the key ingredients are the same in the entire range. The soap does cleanse the face and feels nice when you lather it up on your skin, but I have to admit that my skin did not feel moisturised after washing off the soap. The skin did feel clean and balanced - but you still need to use an intense moisturiser if you have dry cheeks like mine. However, I think this soap might be perfect for individuals with oily or combination skin types as it won't make you look shiny or greasy. 

3- Even Complexion Day Cream SPF 15 (AED 17):
This day cream is the next step after cleansing in the morning as it's supposed to moisturise, restore your complexion, reduce blemish and dark spots - as well as protect the skin against harmful sun rays. This cream is my favourite product from the range because it moisturises the skin without feeling overly greasy and sits great under makeup. Also, this does make your skin look more even and does not leave an intense white cast unlike other moisturisers that contain SPF - so that's a huge plus point for this product. I wish this came in a transparent packaging just like the face wash and also I hope they release a version that has a higher level of SPF, say 30 or 40, as the sun is extremely powerful in the Middle East and we could all use a more potent sun protection. That being said, this level of SPF is still handy during winter and spring months, when the sun is not very strong so I'm enjoying the product at the moment.

Overall Opinion:
I'm quite impressed with the Even Complexion range as it did perform well in the past two weeks. My favourite products from the range are the face wash and day cream - the soap on the other hand was not the best for my skin types as its dry at the moment and I feel like this bar is geared towards oily skin types. Now the real question is - did it make my skin look more even and radiant in 14 days? The answer is to some extent yes - as I mentioned I don't have un even skin tone issues - but it did help reduce any blemishes and made my skin feel quite smooth. The range is extremely affordable, accessible  and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for simple and effective skin care products. I'm curious to try out the night cream from this range and I will keep you posted in case I do try it in the future.

Note: The Even Complexion range is available at leading hypermarkets in the UAE.

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