Saturday, June 9, 2018

Review: GHD Gold Hair Straightener

Someone is back to her old habit of apologising for not posting in so long - that's me! Once again, my work and personal life has been taking over the majority of my time, but I will try my best to post at least a few times a month - even if its a short and sweet review. Today's post will be all about the GHD Gold hair straightener, which I have been testing for a month or so and I'm ready to share my honest opinion about it.

First of all, let me tell you the back story about how I ended up buying this *not very pocket friendly* hair straightener. If you have been following me for a while, you would know I have done hair botox/keratin to my hair in the past and both are semi-straightening treatments. Also, the texture of my hair has changed quite a bit over the past few years and it went from being wavy to curly and frizzy! (Damn you hormones!) So, when my roots grew out - I ended up with curly roots and straight middle section and ends. My previous straightener was just not powerful enough to straighten the curly bits and also prevent the hair from frizzing, so I have done my research and came to the conclusion that GHDs are the most powerful straighteners in the market and decided to invest in one. (Yes! this is not a PR gift)

So, I have decided to write down a set of questions that some people asked when I posted about it on my Insta-stories but obviously if I miss anything - then please feel free to ask :)

1- Are there different styles of GHD straighteners and how did you choose yours? 
Yes, there are many styles to choose from and different prices points too. When I was buying mine, I have asked the sales assistant to explain the various styles of straighteners and turns out there isn't a major difference between these - some of them come in limited edition colours or they come with additional accessories and I wasn't really into that. So, I just went for the gold as its among the standard ones. 

2- What are the major pros of GHD Gold straighteners?
Now these pros are from my experience with the device itself and not copied from their website, whatsoever:

- The straightener is super lightweight and your arm does not get tired mid-way through the process of straightening your hair.

-  You don't have to wait for ages until it heats up, as it becomes hot and ready in less than 30 seconds.

- It glides on the hair smoothly and cuts the time required to straighten hair. Obviously, I have to go over every strand a couple of times, but the majority of the straightening happens from the first hit.

- It is designed with an Ion technology that prevents the hair from getting static and instantly adds a nice shine to your hair. 

- I won't say that it prevents my hair from frizzing 100%, as the weather in Dubai is quite humid and you can't escape a little bit of frizz. However, after I started using my GHD I have to say that my hair still looks presentable even with a tiny bit of frizzing - unlike my old straightener.

3- Are there any cons for this hair straightener?
I wouldn't necessarily say that it has major cons, but there are points that you might want to consider if you're keen on buying one:

- This straighter gets super hot, especially on the top part - so if you're one of those people who like to curl your hair using a flat iron then you need to be careful as you won't be able to hold the top bit for so long due to heat. Also, I have noticed that my curls using this iron do not stay anyways - so I just use my regular straight iron or curling tong for that.

- This straightener does not have different heat options, just an on/off button and you can't really reduce or adjust the temperature. So, unless you have super curly and frizzy hair - then you probably don't need such powerful hair straightener. 

- You need to use a lot of heat protection to prevent hair damage.

4- What is your overall opinion about this straightener and would you recommend it?
My experience has been super pleasant with this straightener and I'm glad I made the decision to invest in one- as I can already see the difference on my hair and it always looks perfectly straight and shiny. Yes, I would recommend investing in GHD straighteners if you have super curly and frizzy hair.

5- What is the price of GHD Gold and where can we find it?
The original price of these straighteners is AED 900 but I bought it from Nazih Cosmetics and they did give me a slight discount, so the price went down to AED727. So, if you buy it from Nazih Cosmetics showroom, there is a big possibility they will give you a discount.

** Okay, so this was my humble review of the GHD Gold and I hope you found this helpful, if you're keen on buying a new hair straighteners. Please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment if you have any further questions.

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  1. That's a nice review Marwa :)
    Personally i stopped using heat styling products. My hair just poofs back if styled :D (Yep, the weirdest mane ever) :D