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Review: Pixi By Petra Eye Products

Here I am, surprising myself and writing another blog post after a week from the previous one! Anyways, I hope you're finding these reviews useful and I will try to maintain the consistency on this page. Todays post is all about eye products from Pixi By Petra, which is a brand that I have been using since they had a store in Mall of The Emirates and then it closed down! Yes, you heard that right! but if you haven't lived in Dubai as long as I did - then you probably have no clue that Pixi did exist in Dubai a long time back and the store was shut down after 2-3 years of operation (sad times). So, today I will be reviewing some eye products that I have been testing over a month or so and I will let you know the hits and misses. 

Disclaimer: All the Pixi products mentioned in this blog post were kindly gifted to me by the brand - however all the opinions are my own.

As much as I would like to tell you about the background of this brand, just in case its new to you, I also want to keep this blog post short and sweet. Thus, please visit Pixi's website to find our more about how the brand started and all the products they have to offer. (

1- Black Lacquer Lash Primer:
I have never been a lash primer kind of girl, especially the white lash primers, as they make it harder for you to coat your lashes with black mascara and the ones I used before had huge mascara wands too. This lash primer by Pixi was quite different, as it has a thin, bent and flexible wand that allows you to grab all the lashes - even the shortest ones in the inner corners of the eyes. The formula is black but it is not pitch black, so it helps provide a hint of colour, curls the lashes and preps them for mascara application. So, if you want a volumised effect, you would apply this primer before your mascara and if you want to set your mascara in place you would apply this afterwards. Also, for no makeup-makeup days - try applying this on its own and it will give you a slight tint with some length and separation. I have to admit my mascaras usually stay on for a long time without flaking or fading, so I never needed a lash primer to extend the longevity of my mascara. However, I do find this lash primer useful in adding more volume and length to your lashes when used with any mascara. So, I do recommend trying out this product. 

2- Large Lash Mascara:
This was not my first time trying out the large lash mascara, as I have purchased this in the past along with other Pixi products and unfortunately I wasn't a fan of this product in the past. I decided to give this product another go because sometimes brands re-formulate products after a few years from releasing. So, this mascara claims extreme volume and intense colour in one sweep. Also, it is supposed lengthen, plump and separate the lashes without clumping. I have to say that it gives length, separation and does not clump the lashes - however, it didn't really give extra volume to my lashes. That being said, using the lash primer before this mascara does help a little, but again it doesn't give you crazy volume. Thus, I still was not impressed by this mascara but I still use it whenever I go for  natural looks.

3- Lash Line Ink:
This is a black liquid eyeliner that is supposed to be quick drying, non feathering and perfect for winged eye liner. If you have been following me for a while, you would know that liquid liner is one of my holy grail products that I can't live without - so the eyeliner needs to be decent or otherwise the wing might look wonky or patchy. The felt tip of this eyeliner is quite long and the formula is quite black and pigmented. However, the moment I started to wing out my liner I felt like the formula was not helping and started dragging a little. Also, whenever you try to go over the line you already dew in an attempt to intensify it - the liner starts to come off a little. Thus, I found this liner to be suitable for simple straight lines among the lash line, but the formula wasn't smooth enough for a winged liner. That being said, the pigmentation and the finish of this liner is great - as the colour is pitch black and dries off matte. 

4- Eye Define Water Liner:
This is a black retractable liner intended for tight lining your lashes or to be used in the water line. The formula is quite smooth and the colour is intense black for those who like their liner to be pitch black. The liner glides on smoothly and does not irritate the upper or lower lash line, which is one of my main issues with regular liners. Also, the fact that its retractable makes me super happy as I hate sharpening liners or poking my eyes with sharp wooden edges. The liner stays on nicely without fading or smudging and I find that the formula sets fast - so if you're intending to use this on the lids then you need to blend it quickly. There is nothing to complain about with this product and I highly recommend it if you're looking for a decent black liner.

5- Extra Eye Bright Liner:
If you're like me and the water lines of your eye always look red and tired - then you probably need this product in your life. This is a retractable eyeliner with a flesh/pink toned colour that neutralises the colour of your water lines and make your eyes look wider and more awake. The formula is quite similar to the eye define water line, in the sense that its smooth, pigmented and stays on all day. Also, I like the fact that this pencil is not white in colour, because these make me look line an alien! Thus, I highly recommend this pencil if you're on the hunt for a good water line neutralising pen. 

From top to bottom: Lash Line Ink, Eye Define Water Liner, Extra Eye Bright Liner.

Overall opinion:
I'm highly impressed by the quality of these eye products from Pixi and my favourites were the lash primer, eye define water liner and the extra bright liner. The mascara and the eye liner were not my favourite - however, I'm sure there are some of you out there that might like these two products as we all seek different things in makeup. I highly recommend trying out the products yourself and judging them as I still think all the products did perform well in the overall and I'm super excited to try more products by Pixi.

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