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Hello my lovelies!So, Many of you have been asking how I get beauty products shipped from websites that does not offer international shipping?! The answer is simply "Aramex shop & ship" service. I have prepared a list of FAQs to elaborate more on this service as per my experience & kept it as one of my main pages so you can easily find it without hassle , plus you can always come back to this page if you have more questions :)

1. What is Aramex Shop & Ship?
It is a service by Aramex in which they provide you with an address in countries like : United states, United kingdom, Hongkong, Germany and more.. That includes a physical address, zip code and a telephone number. So, you can easily purchase products from websites that does not normally ship to UAE or charge a huge chunk of money for international shipping!

2. How much does the service cost?
The lifetime subscription costs $45, this means you only have to pay for the subscription once. However, on rare cases they have a promotion in which they offer the subscription for only $10, and that's when I bought mine. Then, you only have to pay for the price of each shipment you purchase from any website when it reaches UAE.

3. How much do you pay per shipment?
The shipment is calculated as per the weight of the shipment. Anything that weighs 0.5kg or less costs around AED45 and it will increase as the weight increases. 

4. How long does it take to ship and deliver the products to UAE?
That depends on the website you are buying from. Some websites offer a free fast shipping inside the country of origin which only takes 1-2 days, while others use very slow free shipping methods that can take up to a week or 10 days to ship the products inside the country of origin only! However, as soon as it reaches the UAE it takes max 2-3 days to reach your home/work address.

5. How do you track the shipments?
Most websites provide a shipping number to track the shipment inside the country of origin, for example: if you buy an item from US they will send you a tracking number for USPS to track the shipment until it reaches the Aramex warehouse in the US. After it reaches the warehouse, you will receive another tracking from Aramex in which you can track the shipment until it reaches your doorstep. 

6. What are the payment methods for the shipping cost?
You can either save your credit card details on the shop & ship account & the shipping cost will automatically get deducted from your account as soon as the item reaches UAE, or you can pay in cash to the courier agent on the delivery of the items.

7. Have you faced any problems with the service?
Thank god, I haven't faced any problems till date, not even damaged products. However, on rare cases some websites refuse to third party companies like Aramex, so they might cancel your order after reviewing but they will refund your money immediately. (This only happened once with me!)

8. Are there any restrictions on the products that you ship using this service?
Apparently, there is a list of restricted products which you cannot ship using Aramex shop & ship (Can be found on the Aramex shop & ship website) Anyhow, I usually ship makeup, skincare products or accessories and I never faced any difficulties with that. 

** If you have more questions please leave them in the comment box below :)

MiMi x

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